Moving Out Closer To Nature: A Good Idea?

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Whether it’s part of your digital detox, or you simply want to get away from the pressures associated with where you once lived, making a move out closer to the natural world is a tempting thought to many people. However, is it the right move for you and what can you do to ensure the best result out of it?

Expect your social life to become very different

People in the country might be a little more spaced out than you find in the city. However, that doesn’t mean you know fewer people. In fact, it often means the opposite. In a smaller community, people to know their neighbors a lot better, and being the new addition, you’re going to attract a lot of attention when you first arrive. When you get there, following tips on making your introductions as shown at can be a great help.

Be sure to stock up

In both the country or city, emergencies such as blackouts, extreme weather, and the like can be just as likely. The only difference is that, in the country, you may not have someone to come assist and get everything “back to normal” for hours on end. For that reason, it’s genuinely important to stock up your emergency supplies and make sure you can get through a rough situation.

Long-distance moves are far from easy

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re ready for the actual move itself. Long-distance moves can be demanding, and it’s best to have professionals like on board ahead of time to help you move it. To save on money, you might also want to try donating or selling whatever you think you don’t need ahead of time.

Learn to live closer to the land

If you’re looking to live closer to nature, then this may well be part of the appeal for you, but you should still be prepared for the genuine challenge that can come with learning to conserve. You may not have a weekly garbage pickup or ready access to main sewers as others. For that reason, learning to live green, to grow your own food, and to reduce your waste as much as possible is all important.

Living in the wild

When you’re far from the city or town, then not all of your neighbors are going to be humans. From deer to foxes to bears, research what wildlife lives near you with websites like or simply ask your neighbors as they might be in the know. Respect wildlife, and learn what you can do to protect your home without causing too much of a disturbance to the ecosystem that you’re the new arrival to.

Moving out to the country, being closer to nature, and away from the hustle and bustle, can be everything that you hoped it would. However, you have to anticipate the trades that can come with it, as written above. If you think it’s still for you, then good luck.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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