Must-Attend Music Festivals in Spain This Summer

Summer in Spain is undoubtedly full of vibrance and life. Although this is, of course, due to Spain’s glorious sea and sunshine that Brits can’t get enough of, the incredible music scene also plays a huge part.

There is a massive range of events for you to choose from this year, so we have devised a list of some fantastic festivals that you may not have even heard of. Read on to find out more.

Mallorca Live Festival, Majorca

Dates: June 13th – June 15th, 2024

Party in the Balearic Islands while listening to world-famous artists. The Majorcan festival is hosting Blondie, Pet Shop Boys, Jayda G and other big names this year, so you don’t want to miss it!

To make this experience even more memorable, consider renting a nearby villa for you and your group, as there are plenty of options to choose from in Majorca. This way you have somewhere beautiful to relax following your heavy weekend.

Low Festival, Benidorm

Dates: July 26th– July 28th, 2024

Located in Benidorm, this underrated music festival is held over three days. The event is a fun showcase of indie pop, such as Suede and Pixies, and the best of Spanish rock.

Benidorm is known for its beaches and nighttime liveliness, meaning you can even continue the party after the festival ends! There are great beaches in close proximity to the event, and there is even an Olympic-sized swimming pool within the venue for those with VIP tickets.

Alicante Spring Festival, Alicante

Dates: 31st May – 1st June

Alicante Spring Festival is fairly new, yet it packs a punch with its visitors. This event is more on the affordable side too, which is great, as regular festival-goers will know how expensive these celebrations can become.  

This smaller and more intimate event also hosts an incredible fireworks display at nighttime. So, if you enjoy Spanish indie pop, want to sample some new music or love partying until the sun goes down, definitely check this one out.   

Sonar Festival, Barcelona

Dates: June 15th – June 17th, 2024

This legendary festival is celebrating its 31st edition in 2024 and is known for its world-famous headliners each year. The event celebrates technology and creativity as well as music, making it a unique experience for all.

It originated in 1994, meaning it has solidified itself in the world of festivals, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Huge names such as Kaytranada, Horsegiirl and French house DJ Folamour will be entertaining the masses this summer.

Azkena Rock Festival, Victoria-Gasteiz

Dates: June 20th – June 22nd, 2024

This punk party is held over three days in the north of Spain, and is great for those who love local, Spanish music. This year, you can enjoy unique bands such as Jane’s Addiction and Queens of the Stone Age.

This iconic rock festival has an impressive range of amazing tunes, all the way from shoegaze to heavy metal, meaning there is something for every alternative music lover. You can even camp amongst the accepting festival community for the duration of the event, as this will allow you to get the full experience.

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