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Next trip details: Germany – what’s the wurst that can happen?

Next trip details: Germany – what’s the wurst that can happen?


Photo credit: Hanse Sail 2013 via photopin (license)

Ouch. I know, I’m sorry about the title but sometimes the cheesiest of puns are also the most irresistible.

The Wurst Adventure you can possibly imagine?

Ouch again.

Right, you’re probably wondering whether this means that I am going to be travelling round Germany eating sausages for a week, and rather amazingly you’d be right.

This is the first major campaign organised by the Nordic Travel Bloggers collective. As one of the representatives for Norway, I will be journeying from Berlin to Munich testing plenty of different types of ‘wurst’ along the way.


Photo credit: Englischer Garten via photopin (license)

And there will be beer, naturally…

With over 1500 types of sausage available in Germany we’ll only be scratching the surface of what’s out there, but we will be learning about the history, production and traditions behind each one.

Our sponsors for the #WurstAdventure (yes, that really is the hashtag 🙂 ) are the German National Tourist Office, Deutsche Bahn (we will get around by train) and Best Western who will provide us with somewhere to rest up each night.

The entire programme runs over a two-week period with the travel bloggers split into two groups, one for each week. I am in the second group and will fly to Berlin on Saturday 10 October, leaving home ridiculously early as per usual.

From there on, the schedule is packed with activities and as this trip is taking place in Germany, everything is organized with the usual Teutonic precision. The whole 14 day programme arrived as a 28 page document and that’s not including some extra material for one of the cities. Having said that, probably half of the document consisted of links and hashtags for each day…

As you might have guessed, this is going to be a campaign with a lot of social media coverage – as well as the main #WurstAdventure hashtag we will be posting regularly on the social media accounts of all the sponsors and participants as well as creating blog content for our own websites.

We will also be creating live reports to be broadcast on Periscope – a video app which I have downloaded in preparation but never used, so I will need to get up to speed here.

For full details of the campaign, the route and the bloggers check out the brand new website at www.wurstadventure.com

An online travel journal will be updated as we go and the campaign website has a social wall where all posts from all participants will be displayed.

Here’s the route for my part of the sausage adventure:

Saturday 10 October

Fly Trondheim to Berlin

Meet up with other group and of course try currywurst…

Stay at Best Western Hotel Kantstrasse (in my favourite part of the city, yay!)

Sunday 11 October

We take the train to Weimar

Onion market and Thurigian sausage tasting

Travel to Erfurt

Stay at Best Western Plus Hotel Excelsior

Monday 12 October

Travel to Arnstadt

Visit German Bratwurstmuseum

Visit and beer tasting at Statbrauerei Arnstadt (nice!)

Stay in Erfurt again

Tuesday 13 October


Photo credit: Domplatz Erfurt via photopin (license)

Tour of Erfurt

Travel to Nurnberg

Stay at Best Western Hotel Nurnberg City West

Wednesday 14 October

Guided tour and meeting with top 3 sausage restaurants

Stay at Best Western Hotel Nurnberg City West

Thursday 15 October

Travel to Coburg

Guided walk and sausage tasting

Stay at Best Western Hotel Blankenburg

Friday 15 October

Train to Munich


Photo credit: Wurst via photopin (license)

Guided tour and weisswurst tasting

Stay at Hotel Cristal Munchen

Saturday 17 October

Tour of butcher’s quarter

Fly Munich to Trondheim

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