Outdoor Cooking Ideas: How to eat well on the go

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Summer is around the corner, and so is the most adventurous time of the year. Whether you plan to go camping, take an RV road trip or plan to explore the entire state, junk food doesn’t have to be your recipe.

Instead, it would help to plan how to eat well during the trip and carry all necessary equipment, food and utensils.

Below are easy outdoor cooking ideas that you may try: breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Breakfast Meals

While doughnuts seem like fun and delicious camping food in the morning, the numerous activities are bound to make you hungry way before lunchtime.

As such, it’s best to start your day with healthy foods that will keep you full for long. Ideally, pair proteins with complex carbs to fuel your day’s adventure. The best proteins to take in the morning include beans, bacon, milk, boiled eggs or yogurt. Combine these with whole-grain bread or oats.

You may also try recipes like parfaits, granola milk, grilled bacon, burritos, or bean toast bites. A must-try breakfast dish is overnight oatmeal, which you can prepare by combining oats, milk, yogurt and honey in a mason jar and leaving it overnight.

Vegans may try a Grilled halloumi breakfast sandwich, banana bread pancakes or chickpea breakfast hash. In case hunger pinches before lunch, fuel up with fruits.


As lunchtime approaches, you should head back and stay close to the campsite or stopover site. This is because you will be making some delicious meals to get you through the afternoon. Ideally, you will need a heavier meal than you took during breakfast.

You can try a classic outdoor recipe like Wagyu Beef Ribs combined with fried tomatoes, coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, or fried pickles. If you crave something other than beef, grilled fish or chicken also ticks the box. You may also try chicken, tuna or egg salad sandwiches if you need a quick meal. Don’t forget to add veggies to complete the meal.


You may opt to make a full meal or a snack for an evening meal. Try chicken tzatziki skewers, camp fire-grilled tacos, grilled corn, or shrimp boil foil packets for a light yet fulfilling meal. You may also try the classic foil-wrapped sweet potatoes and chili or apple crisp, campfire banana boats or nachos.

Those who want a heavy meal or meat for dinner may try grilled ribs, chicken wings or honey soy pork chops. You may also try sausage dinner, banana splits or Girl Scout grub.

Vegans may relish Dutch oven lasagna, red lentil sloppy joes, sweet potato bean burger, grilled asparagus or protein pasta.

To Sum Up

If you want to try your hand at cooking and you’re great at planning, making food on the go is a great option. It will keep you full and healthy by helping you avoid the greasy fast foods you may find along the way. Besides, if you pack well, you will spend less money on your trip to save for more adventures.

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