Outdoor Proposal Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Planning a proposal can be a nerve-wracking task, especially if you both have a love for adventure. The logistics involved can quickly get risky or complicated, especially if you’re planning to pop the question at elevation!

 Carrying out the perfect proposal for your thrill-seeking partner takes some careful thought. We’ve suggested a few top tips to help you curate the perfect moment and propose in a place that’s as inspiring as it is meaningful to both of you.

Choosing a location

Firstly, you should try to select a location with sentimental value for both of you.

Whether that’s somewhere where you had one of your first dates or the town you’ve picked to settle down in, choosing a meaningful place is a delicate process.

Without making anything obvious, you could talk about favourite places with your partner to get the brainstorming process started. Why not think of a way to propose while you’re both taking part in your favourite outdoor hobby?  


Proposal ideas for thrill-seekers

If you’d rather not take your engagement ring with you on your next mountainous hike or bike ride on the trails, there are so many other ways to pop the question creatively. A few of our favourites include:

  • Skydiving

Unless you’re both experienced skydivers already, popping the question while you’re plummeting to the ground mid-air might not be the best moment. But if you or your partner are set to take part in a charity skydive soon, why not pair the occasion with the proposal? The very moment your feet hit the ground; you could be ready to get started!

  • Hot air balloon

Intimate and inspiring, proposing on a hot air balloon is nothing short of romantic. Set the scene perfectly by filling the basket with chocolates, wine, and perhaps a charcuterie cheeseboard ready to impress before you reveal the engagement ring. And if you book privately, you could even arrange extras like a professional photographer or acoustic musician to add even more magic to the moment.  

  • Climbing

If you and your partner already love to go bouldering or trad climbing together, why not use your next afternoon on the crags as an opportunity to pop the question? Not only will this give you both a beautiful view and backdrop for those all-important proposal photos, but you’ll both be feeling energised and amped up from all those endorphins too. Just don’t drop the ring at the top!

  • Sunrise hike

There’s nothing more quintessentially romantic than a proposal on a hilltop, surrounded by soft golden rays of morning light. With nothing but beautiful panoramic views around you, what better opportunity to pop the question and enjoy a thoroughly private moment? Peaceful and breath-taking, sunrise or sunset proposals are the most meaningful and memorable too. Just don’t forget to check the weather forecast to get your timings right!

  • Drive to the beach

Whether you’re standing underneath magnificent cliffs or you’re sprinting barefoot along expansive shores, the beach makes a wonderful place to propose to your significant other. Ramp up the excitement by driving a four-wheel drive car to the seafront, with your favourite songs on the stereo to set up the moment perfectly. If you can find somewhere remote and with pristine, undisturbed sands, you’re certain to make memories to last a lifetime.

Making an outdoor proposal special

From towering mountains to sandy flats, nature provides an array of delightful and surprising places to propose. With so much opportunity just a stone’s throw from almost anywhere in the UK, it’s time to get exploring and pick that perfect spot.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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