Planning a Honeymoon? Look to the Northeastern Coastline for Your Next Romantic Getaway


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If you are planning your honeymoon, white, sandy beaches, quaint little seaside towns and crystal clear blue water may be a lot closer than you think. Stretching from Maine to Delaware, the entire Northeastern coastline is dotted with little shops, eateries and unforgettably romantic hideaways that will keep you and your loved one coming back for more.

Here are five spots along the Northeastern coastline that will have you saying your vows, packing your bags, grabbing your travel guide and getting ready for some serious one-on-one time.

The Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Just 30 miles south of Cape Cod, MA lies the larger than life vacation destination of Nantucket. Considered by the National Park Service as one of the finest examples of a colonial-era New England seaport town, it’s important to note the entertainment doesn’t stop at history. Nantucket and nearby Martha’s Vineyard offer world-class recreation, seafood, romantic retreats and dazzling nightlife.

And of course surrounded by luxurious beach life. Couples can travel among the islands via ferry service, or fly directly thanks to the airport at Martha’s Vineyard. If traveling from outside Massachusetts, you can even ride a romantic Amtrak train all the way to Boston and fly the rest of the way. Both islands are extremely accessible!

Newport, RI

History comes alive once you reach Newport. The roots of the scenic town go all the way back to 1639, with plenty of incredible landmarks and tourist sites soaked in the real history of New England life. Walking down real cobblestone streets and looking into the windows of quaint little shops, honeymooners get a first-hand look at eleven beautiful Newport mansions.

Each has a guided tour offering a detailed look at the mansion itself along with the historic families who built and inhabited them. Enjoy more beach time listening to the gently crashing waves. Newport also offers a breathtaking cliff walk to see the ocean like you’ve never witnessed it before.

Long Island, NY

Another great honeymoon locale is Long Island, New York. Located well outside the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, Long Island features a number of exotic beaches, hotels, resorts and vineyards that will give you peaceful respite during your stay. Montauk, located at the end of the island, is a hotspot for newlyweds – offering some of the most beautiful beaches according to just about any travel guide.

Jersey Shore, NJ

Stretched out over 18 miles, the Jersey Shore features a collection of vibrant seaside communities that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice day out on the beach, bike the boardwalk or experience the excitement of Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore has everything a couple could ask for – and more!
Ocean City, MD


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Romantic beach relaxation culminates at the gentle bay waters of Ocean City, Maryland. The boardwalk provides the perfect avenue for a private early-morning walk to see a spectacular sunrise.

For some light-hearted fun, the boardwalk also boasts many carnival style attractions. Some of the amusement parks found in Ocean City date back more than 100 years, soaked in the authentic history of New England tourist life from the 1920’s and even earlier.

Later in the day, the beaches surrounding Ocean City offer a full selection of trails to get back into touch with nature. Not to mention quiet, contemplative kayaking in the bay itself.

Finding a place to stay near the beaches is easy, thanks to the many rehoboth beach hotels, often with the beautiful namesake beaches in sight right out your bedroom window.

Funding Your Beach Getaway to the Northeast Coastline

One of the best new ways for couples to make their dream honeymoon come true is by taking advantage of new advances in online crowdfunding. Plumfund, was created by the same group behind the successful Honeyfund online honeymoon gift registry.

When you’re planning your gift registry, Plumfund makes it easy to plan your entire honeymoon while also letting your families help fund the trip and take part in the experience with you. They feel good about donating money to the cause, while you enjoy the extra vacation time to make your honeymoon even more memorable!


So, forget the expensive flights, long airport security lines and long-drawn layovers and get ready to experience the beauty and romance of the Northeastern coast.

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