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New York is the “city that never sleeps.” It’s a city where the real fun starts when the sun dips in the sky. To see it after dark is perhaps the best way to enjoy all the charms it has to offer! When in NYC, wait for the sun to set so that you can go on a romantic harbor cruise and relish moonlit vistas. After sundown, the music starts echoing through the air and the bars begin to fill up. A visit to Times Square is definitely in order to see all the neon and bright lights–it is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Get introduced to this vibrant city with its pulsating nightlife and go back home with lots of cherished memories. So, plan accordingly to enjoy the most of NYC after sunset.

Here are some top attractions to visit during New York night tours:

Twilight Cruise 

Experience the magic of New York City at sundown. As you leisurely cruise past the famous landmarks, you can watch NYC come to life with thousands of lights dazzling all around. Amidst the multi-colored hues at sunset, capture the spectacular images of the Manhattan skyline. These bewitching views of Manhattan’s gleaming landmarks and popular neighborhoods give you a clear idea of how of how this wonderful city looks lit up after dark. Some major attractions you should expect to see with a Twilight Cruise include The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Battery Park,, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge, The United Nations and The Chrysler Building.

Open Top Bus Tour 

Board an open-top, double-decker bus and drive through well-lit New York City at night. Sit back and relax and as the bus gives you close-up views of some of the top landmarks of this megacity: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building. A night tour on an open-top sightseeing bus is perhaps the best way to explore and enjoy the magic of New York at night. Click memorable night-time images of the Empire State Building and other beautifully illuminated buildings and add them to your treasure trove of photos from NYC. Charming views of the Manhattan skyline followed by a leisurely exploration of the Lower East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy will add to the nightlife allure .

Central Park After Dark

The real charm of being in Central Park comes after dark. It’s when you can go on a nocturnal nature trek through the park and feel truly mesmerized. This guided tour will be both educational and exciting. When the sun goes down, you might think there’s not much to see — but you’d be wrong. This is when the park comes alive with cicadas, fireflies, katydids — and even bats. You’ll learn lots about park flora and fauna along the way, including identifying seasonal plants and tracking bats using a special echolocation-listening device. The tour finishes at the famous Central Park Boathouse for a nightcap.

Harlem Juke Joint Tour

Did you know why jazz musicians find NYC the best place in the world to perform? And why it’s called “The Big Apple?” This and more comes your way when you take a Harlem Juke Joint Tour and explore the illustrious jazz history of this mega city. This tour takes you to a number of iconic Harlem music venues to broaden your perspective of the music scene of the city. What’s more, you get to visit some of the sites where former jazz club greats used to perform. So, brace yourself for late-night cocktails and enjoy a city that is always awake and forever buzzing at night.

Photo Tour by night

If you plan to go back home with some really wonderful photos of New York City, then you will need a photo tour at night. Hold your camera and start walking around some popular landmarks to capture iconic images of a cosmopolitan city at its illuminated best. Don’t skip landmarks like Rockefeller Center, The UN Headquarters, The Chrysler Building, g Grand Central Terminal and of course, the Empire State Building.

Manhattan by Sail 

True-blue romantics are sure to feel thrilled to go on a New York Harbor at night. On this tour, you get to see two of most iconic attractions in NYC – the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge – at their dazzling best. Apart from experiencing the city at night, you can get an understanding of the ways ships navigate through waterways. If you’re lucky, you can even get to hoist the sails. Just sit back,  relax on the deck and enjoy jazz and classical music to sooth the senses. With a bar on the ship and the sun setting over the Hudson, it’s the perfect combination for a great evening in New York.

These are some of the ways to enjoy New York City tours at night and experience a great city. So, don’t wait, explore the best NYC has to offer at night.

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