Prepare for the weather on a trip to London

London is a fabulous city to visit at any time of the year. In the months of summer, there are a number of gigs and open air concerts, and in winter there are terrific places to visit like the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in December. That being said, it is necessary to be well prepared for the frequent weather changes you may experience during a trip to the city.

To begin with, check the weather bulletin for the weather conditions in the city during your stay in London. And to make your trip hassle free, choose a hotel that is suitable in location. After all you would not want to be having to travel long distances in unpleasant weather condition!

A good choice would be any of the hotels in Hyde Park. They are close to the city centre as well as the business, shopping, and entertainment districts. If you want to stay on a budget, while not compromising on luxuries and facilities, then the Park Grand London Hyde Park hotel is the hotel to stay at. And in terms of location, you are just a stone’s throw away from the centre of the city.

Here are a few tips when it comes to packing for your trip to London:


Speaking of the weather in London, don’t be surprised by some sudden changes while you are out and about! Do not be taken aback by a sudden downpour in the middle of summer. When packing your clothes, layers are always a good option. In the summer it can be very warm and also wet at the same time. So you need to pack lightweight clothing to stay cool, while also keeping a water repellent windcheater and of course a brolly handy!


The benefit of light weight clothing is that it is easier to wash as well as dry. You could also check with the hotel you are staying at, if they offer an in-house laundry service. And the lighter the clothes you carry, the less the baggage to carry – which makes it convenient to travel. Always carry a backpack, which could be used to store a waterproof raincoat or a foldable umbrella. It could be carried as hand luggage and can be used to stash other important items as well.



Carry a pair of shoes that are comfortable especially, if you plan to walk around a lot in the city. A pair of comfortable sports trainers should do the job. If you plan to hike in the countryside around London, an additional pair of hiking boots should be brought along.  And if there is rain expected during your trip it is best to carry waterproof shoes or consider getting yourself a pair of wellingtons on the trip! Don’t forget a smarter pair of shoes if you wish to dine somewhere elegant in the evenings.

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Andy Higgs

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