Queenstown NZ –  Number One Destination for Thrill Seekers

Queenstown is well known for its adventures and activities all-year-round, in and around the city. When the sun’s out, activities like bungy jumping, skydiving, white water rafting and jet boat rides easily fuel the needs of an adrenaline junkie, not to mention activities to enjoy after dark as well. During the colder months, Queenstown turns into a winter resort with four ski areas and a range of other activities to enjoy.

Some of the most notable activities in Queenstown for those in search of an adrenaline rush are the high flying adventures. If you are keen to get the most out of your visit, you could try some of the most exciting activities over four days. Never winding down and always ready to kick it into high gear.

Outdoor activities

The city of Queenstown offers picturesque scenery and most activities are enjoyed in natural surroundings making the most of what nature has to offer. Some of the biggest attractions include the Nevis Swing in the Nevis Canyon. Host to an arc spanning 300 meters that swings you forward, back and even upside down far from the surface. Don’t leave Nevis Canyon just yet, at 134 meters high and an 8.5-second freefall, Nevi Bungy could be exactly what the adrenaline junkie has been looking for.

If biking is more your speed, you will not be disappointed. Queenstown offers you a chance to take a ride on a legendary and world-renowned dirt jump park. To make it even more excited the mountains and hills provide biking enthusiasts to try out some of the steepest downhill tracks to test your skill. Even though these attractions come with their own risk, the rest of the family can also enjoy the other biking options that are at a gentler pace.

Extreme sports

Those looking for even more adventure, are in for a treat. Queenstown is home to rivers, fiords and lakes all around. It is the perfect place to enjoy some of your favourite water activities and even some you might not have heard of. Choose your location and you could enjoy parasailing, getting dragged behind a boat on a lake. You could also try heli-rafting, which includes an exhilarating helicopter ride to drop you off in the mountains and white water raft your way back down. You don’t have to get to the rapids by helicopter, there are easier ways to get access and many rapids to choose from. Perhaps you are keen to try something new, like riverboarding or river surfing, with the fresh water offering more of a challenge compared to the ocean waves.

From the water to the sky, it seems Queenstown has all of your adventures covered. Take to the sky and jump out of a plane at 4572 meters in the air surrounded by the Remarkables Mountain Range in view. You will see yourself falling to the ground at around 200 km/h, Nearly as fast as your average street-legal sports car. If your head is still in the clouds, and you’re not ready to be a regular earthling, take to the trees for some ziplining. 

Thrill-seeking After Dark

When the sun has set, the fun hasn’t stopped just yet. You could get your blood pumping with some go-karting or even immerse yourself in a VR multiplayer game, offering you live adventure gaming. If you are looking to try your luck, Skycity Wharf Casino might be just what you are looking for. Nothing beats the excitement and thrill of winning a chunk of change. Whether you’re into slots, blackjack, roulette or any other entertaining casino game, at the local SkyCity Gaming Hall you can find them all. The nightlife in Queenstown is vibrant and ready to receive you at night in style after you’re a day time full of outdoor adventures.

Furthermore, you could take a trip up the Skyline Gondola, taking in the night sky and the city lights. Once you get to the top you could make the night even more exciting by trying out the Skyline Luge, 800 meters of fun, dippers, tunnels and banked corners to keep you going. Queenstown has it all covered, regardless of the time of year you choose to visit, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Take to the trees, the sky and the water to live life to its fullest and make great memories and fuel your need for adrenaline at every turn.

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Andy Higgs

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