Road tripping in the USA – the ultimate holiday?

A road trip is something you just must do. You’ve read about several of ours right here on the site, from an epic 3 weeks on the road in Florida to an intense 5 days in South Africa.

But truth be told, there’s probably nowhere to beat the United States. Not only is the country enormous and possibilities and routes almost endless, but the road trip culture is so typically American that you will be remembering movies, TV series and books just about everywhere you drive.

Road tripping is probably the best way to get around, too – you get to take it all in and let’s face it, the US was built for cars. Make sure you put together a fantastic soundtrack for your trip too – you can’t take to the open road without some rocking tunes, after all!

As well as the classics like Route 66 and the Overseas Highway, there are plenty of other ways to see this fascinating country. Our friends at Send My Bag have put together this excellent infographic with some of the best routes in the US of A – give it a read through and let us know what you think.

US roadtrip infographic