Romantic Adventure in Christchurch

Christchurch in New Zealand is so beautiful that you cannot help but think that you are living in a fairytale! Perched majestically on the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch has many a landscape that will simply leave you spell-bound and mystified.

It is not a city that needs effort to take a liking to. Equipped with everything to please everyone, the city is home to beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and thrilling adventure activities. From travellers to nature lovers and adventure seekers, Christchurch has an array of charms hidden up its sleeves. It only takes one action to unfurl them all – stepping into the Garden City of Christchurch! And discovering the hidden gems of the city gets more convenient with a car hired from the airport.


Freeride in New Zealand

Skiing is a sport of great thrill and excitement. Mt Hutt, the longest ski zone in all of New Zealand, has shot to fame for its extremely well-equipped and natural snow slopes. With a massive skiable area of about 365 m, these slopes are gentle and quite uninterrupted. Arrangements have been made to accommodate skiers of all levels. So whether you are an amateur or a professional, there is no missing out on these picture-perfect slopes!

Bungee Jumping

Try and get a grip over your senses as you dive into a surging river beneath you! Bungee jumping is an activity that must not be missed while at Christchurch. Suspended from a 135-year old bridge, let go of all fears and worries as you freefall and earn yourself an experience of a lifetime!

Hot-air Balloon

Watch the earth shrink in size as you fly across the magnificent skies of Christchurch! On a clear and beautiful day, expect to look into a horizon that spreads over a massive 300 km stretch. Treat your eyes to the beautiful Canterbury plains down below, stunning Mt Cook peaks in the distance, and clear blue skies above you! You will also see picturesque views of the national park mountains and the winding Rakaia River, a vision you won’t ever forget! If you are going to get married soon, then this hot-air balloon can be your exotic wedding destination!

Whale Watching

Spend a day getting acquainted with whales and other native marine life! There is nothing more exciting than observing the wondrous ways of life amongst different species of wildlife. If you are lucky, you may even be able to spot friendly dolphins as they happily prance around in the ocean!


New Zealand is a land of many charms and Christchurch pretty much sums up the country! Be sure to travel light and explore regions to make the most of your trip to this exotic land.

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Andy Higgs

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