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Most Grown-up Travellers like to do more than simply visit the most popular tourist spots when they stay in a city. They enjoy seeking out slightly different experiences that a typical tourist may not be aware of.

In Rome, they are spoilt for choice. It is a very sophisticated city, especially when it comes to the arts and culture. As you will see, there are plenty of cultural experiences for you to enjoy the next time you visit Rome.

Attend a classical Baroque concert

The residents of Rome love their music. All tastes are catered for including those who love classical music. You can book yourself a concert and dinner in Rome by clicking the link. The concert is held in the stunning Baroque church of Sant’Agnese in Agone. It has surprisingly good acoustics. If you book with the right company, after the concert, you will be treated to an intimate guided tour of the church before retiring to a local restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is close-by and serves exquisite traditional Italian dishes.

Stay in a luxury hotel

Rome has a surprisingly high number of five-star hotels, making it relatively easy for you to stay in the lap of luxury. In Rome, you can even stay in an art-themed five-star hotel. The First Roma is a beautiful, 200-year nobleman´s house that has been sympathetically restored and decorated with genuine works of art. There is a full art gallery that displays around 150 contemporary pieces. Many of which have been created by young artists. What is on display is constantly changing and being updated, so there is always something unique for the guests to enjoy.

There are some lovely townhouse hotels that you could potentially stay in. Amongst the best is the elegant, simple and chic J.K Place Roma.

Shop in trendy boutiques

The Italians have a reputation for being well-dressed. If you love fashion you will be in heaven in Rome. There are thousands of stores and boutiques for you to shop in. Via del Governo Vecchio is the place to head to if you want something that is a bit different and classy. There is a vibrant vintage clothing scene in this area as well as several super trendy boutiques selling high-end fashion.

Head to a luxury department store

Rome also has two wonderful department stores. La Rinascente and Coin Excelsior are both well worth a visit. They have a certain old-world charm, yet are still extremely chic. Not to mention the fact that they are well stocked with everything you can imagine. These department stores are great places to pick up special Italian treats to take home for friends and family.

Take a cultural tour

If you love the arts and architecture why not take a cultural tour of Rome. There are dozens to choose from. Each puts an emphasis on a different aspect of the city´s culture. Therefore, it is really easy to find one that appeals to your tastes and covers your interests. You can find out more about some of them here.

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