St Lucia – more than just great beaches


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St Lucia. The name itself conjures up images of white sands and luxurious hotels, doesn’t it? Well, you’ll certainly find both but there’s lots more to explore on the island.

It’s more affordable than you might think as well. From the UK, operators such as Holiday Genie have great deals to Saint Lucia.

We reckon it’s a lot more interesting than many other Caribbean destinations, too – read on and see if we can convince you…

The scenery

St Lucia is spectacular, there’s no doubt about that. This is no pancake-flat Maldives island, but a mountainous, volcanic landscape covered in thick rainforest. In the south-west corner the stunning cones of Petit Piton and Gros Piton rise sharply from the turquoise sea. No matter where you stay on St Lucia you’ll feel in touch with nature.

And of course the beaches are wonderful too – ranging from silvery coloured in the south to golden in the north. And more importantly, all beaches are open to the public, so you won’t bump into fences or security guards keeping you off the sand.

The hotels

There is a wide range of accommodation on St Lucia from barefoot bed and breakfasts to uber-luxurious resorts. Choose your hotel based on your priorities – you are sure to find something to suit.

The restaurants

For lunch, we recommend Martha’s Tables for an inexpensive treat in Soufriere. It’s also a great place to stop on the way to perhaps the most scenic beach on the island, Anse des Pitons located between the two volcanic cones.

Boucan is a stylish restaurant sited high above the beach and the twist here is that almost everything on the menu includes cocoa. You’ll be surprised what they manage to come up with and it’s an affordable place to dine.

The Cliff at Cap is extremely popular with both guests at the hotel and non-residents, and with good reason. As well as the superb West Indian food with a French influence, the views are amazing. You can see as far as Martinique from its cliff-top open-air deck.

For something even more exclusive and memorable, you’ll need to board a boat. Rainforest Hideaway serves Creole food with a European tinge, and requires a two-minute ferry ride across Marigot Bay. Guests eat on a wooden deck that sticks out over the water and live jazz is often on the menu too. It’s expensive, but worth it.

The nightlife

There are plenty of options here too – keep the first night of the weekend clear for Anse La Raye Seafood Friday – locals cook all manner of delicious seafood at stands along the waterfront street and it’s an atmospheric, family-friendly night out.

More traditional nightlife awaits at Delirious, a sophisticated cocktail bar within the Rodney Bay Village resort. Come for the superb and original creations, stay for the ambience.


Hopefully this article has sparked your interest in St Lucia – one of the most inviting destinations in the Caribbean.

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