St Petersburg – A Russian Jewel

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St Petersburg is a jewel in a crown you very rarely hear about. St Petersburg is the Jewel and Russia is the crown. St Petersburg is a port city situated on the baltic sea. It is known as ‘The City of Tzars’ and was built by Peter the Great back when the year started with a 17… You can find him by finding ‘bronze horseman’ statue. After the great man, his successors added to the thrill of the place by engaging Europeans to construct cathedrals and palaces to the already stunning scenery.

Icons galore

St Petersburg is the cultural center of Russia. You can enjoy everything artistic here. It boasts a world-renowned venue, the Mariinsky Theatre which hosts opera and ballet. The Russian State Museum is vast and splendid and exhibits art ranging from Orthodox to modern including the artist Kandinsky and many others. It is without a doubt the largest art collection in Russia. if it is not here, it’s not worth seeing.

The Erarta Museum showcases the best in modern Russian artists if you fancy something a little more up to date. Shostakovich Philharmonia adds sumptuous tones to the pretty city. This is part of a wider network of music festivals that bound in on the city every year. Be sure that when you go, there will be a super musical something to rattle your heart strings. All of these wonderful events are accessible in a taxi st petersburg trip.

Venice of the North

Yes, you did read that right. St Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North. This is due to its divine canal system, one which you can cruise on. This waterway is crisscrossed by a multitude of bridges. 342 to be precise. This is a must do when here and you can even catch the bridges raising over the Neva river in the evening to allow the larger ships to enter the port. The beauty never stops in St Petersburg, be it the Italian style architecture and plazas or the neoclassical palaces and baroque inspired facades.


You can fine dine until your heart and stomach are content. You can also eat culinary delights from all over the globe. there is not a style of food that you cannot eat here. Some also dabble in fusion food and simple Russian fare. One standout eatery is Pyshechnaya. This cafe is the stuff of legend for Russians and now, of course, the deep-fried donuts covered in icing sugar have lassoed the tourists too. A visit to St Petersburg is quite simply not complete without a top lip covered in sugary sweetness in the packed cafe.

Another cafe to look out for is the Stray Dog Café. It has modern Russian cuisine and is crammed full of Russian literary history. Famous poets drunk and wrote here.

White Nights

Here you will experience the nearly sunset, flowering of the seasons and concerts laid out in the stunning lights of the white nights.

To put it simply, St Petersburg is a largely unseen and unknown touristic gem that must be experienced to be believed.

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