Sweet Dreams Are Made of These – Best Bedroom Design Tips for 2017

As the UK is now truly in the chilly throes of winter, it is worth finding some fantastic inspiration to ensure your bedroom is a cosy retreat that you simply can’t wait to return to at the end of each day. Take a look at some of the amazing design ideas that are currently hitting UK homes, and transform your bedroom into the boudoir of your dreams!

Photo credit: Chris_J *its beginning to look a lot like christmas* – fairy lights via photopin (license)

Fairy Lights are for life, Not Just for Christmas

The moment the Christmas decorations come down, the entire house feels bare, but you can keep that sparkle alive in your bedroom, without the need for festive excuses. String lights around mirrors and wrap them around the bed frame for an elegant alternative to a bedside lamp and enjoy the peaceful ambience the glimmer of small, sparkling lights can add to your boudoir. Far from being the go-to lighting option for students only, string lights can be found in array of sophisticated designs.

Beautiful Beds

The centre piece of all bedrooms, the right bedstead is essential when updating the design of this vital room, and all bedrooms, including guest rooms, deserve to be given a revamp in this season’s designs. White is most definitely in, and in order to give your house guests a treat, invest in the most stunning white metal bed frames for a country-house vibe. Get some design inspiration from Bedstar’s Milan Bed Company Range and enjoy a space-saving bed that ticks all the style boxes for 2017.

Shades of Grey

If you are contemplating redecorating your bedroom completely, then get out the paint brushes and embrace the new take on neutral shades that is taking the UK bedroom design scene by storm. Out with creams and pastels, and in with stunning shades of grey.

Complement your newly decorated walls with bed linens and throws in soft ash and silvers. Calvin Klein’s Winter Branches bed linen is an elegant choice, and The White Company can always be relied upon to provide sumptuous covers.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Photo credit: XoMEoX Lines and Light via photopin (license)

Large mirrors are where it’s at, and rather than positioning them directly on the wall, lean them (carefully) against the wall to add drama to the space. Keeping with the grey décor theme, opt for mirrors with ornate silver frames.

A large mirror will not only add the illusion of depth to the smaller bedroom, but is also a beautiful feature piece, and of course is immensely practical.

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