Take your Pick: Campervan or Car


When you realise just how much there is to see and do on those two tiny islands in the southern hemisphere that make up New Zealand, your mind will be left reeling with possibilities. Both the north and south islands of New Zealand are filled with stunning panoramic views, delicious cuisine, sparkling beverages, inspiring culture, and endlessly fun activities to experience. While planning your trip across New Zealand you may find yourself debating whether a campervan or car hire is the best way to get around.

Both these modes of transport have merit in New Zealand and both will provide you with a comprehensive tour of the islands. However, it might be a difficult choice, so this article is here to help you weigh the pros and cons of both.


Campervans can be expensive to run, but they take away the cost of paying for accommodation. Rather, you will just pay around $5-$10 to park at a campground and use their electricity and facilities.

While running a car is significantly cheaper, you do have the added expenses of paying for accommodation. Depending on what type of holiday maker you are, you can do this on the cheap by staying at hostels or camping. For those wanting the comfort of hotels or B&BS, obviously the expenses will add up.


A car or a campervan is easily going to get you around on the main highways in New Zealand. However, when it comes to entering smaller towns or getting off the beaten track, you would need to consider whether you want to have the burden of a campervan. Obviously, cars have better access to smaller places, but at many hiking destinations there will be plenty of space to park a campervan so you can get out and about on a walk. You can get a safe and reliable car or a campervan with Hertz car hire New Zealand.


If you love meeting new people while abroad, then having a campervan and staying at campgrounds can be a great way to socialise with other likeminded wanders across New Zealand. This can be a great way to connect with people over a barbecue or while you’re drinking a cup of coffee in the morning looking over the scenic views of this island nation.

If you choose a car, this doesn’t mean you won’t meet anyone, but it might require more effort to connect with people in a hotel lobby or during a day excursion.


Having a car or campervan is extremely comfortable in terms of getting your luggage around and storing food and snacks for the road. The main advantage of a campervan here is that you don’t have to take your suitcase in and out to your next accommodation; rather it will always stay in the van.

However, the bed in a hotel or B&B is likely to be significantly more comfortable than that in the campervan. So if you value your back and a solid night’s sleep, it might be worth investing in the luxury of a large bed that you don’t have to make yourself in the morning!

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