The Best Countries for a Cycling Holiday in Europe

Planning a cycling holiday? It is hard to beat this type of trip because it is a brilliant way to explore a country as you can take in all the sights, breathe in the fresh air, and benefit from a good day’s exercise. Europe is ideal for cycling holidays as there is so much natural beauty to discover. So, where are some of the best places for a cycling holiday on the continent?


You don’t have to go far for a rewarding cycling holiday as there are many super areas of Britain with breathtaking natural beauty to discover. Obviously, a cycling holiday domestically will also be a lot cheaper and easier to plan! A few of the best cycling holidays England has to offer include Norfolk, the Cotswolds, the Lake District, and the New Forest, among many others!


People often think of the cool towns and cities in Italy, but it is also a country with jaw-dropping natural beauty. Whether this is the idyllic rolling hills of Tuscany, the picture-perfect lakes in the north, or the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, you are sure to be blown away. Of course, these trips also give you the chance to stop off and indulge in Italy’s world-famous food (and wine!).


France is another good choice thanks to its beautiful countryside, including the breathtaking French Alps. France is also a country that is relatively easy to get to from the UK without the need to fly. The Tour de France is an obvious route to follow, but be prepared; you will need to be in good shape to handle the climb!


Spain has many excellent cycling areas, including Costa Brava and Girona. The latter is known for cyclists thanks to the varied terrain, quiet roads, and cycling culture—it should be easy enough to make new friends here! Obviously, you have tantalising cuisine to tuck into after a long day in the saddle!


People tend to think of the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Algarve and the hot weather in Portugal, but there is much more to it than this. It is an ideal place for cycling holidays thanks to the paved, flat roads and long-distance tracks found throughout the Algarve. The region is also known for its beautiful landscapes, coastal villages, and fine food and drink. You can also chill on the beautiful beaches when you need a rest day!


Slovenia is somewhat of a hidden gem nestled in central Europe. It is also the ideal place for a cycling holiday with its outstanding natural beauty throughout the country, picturesque cycling roads, and even car-free areas and green spaces in the capital city of Ljubljana. A few of the best areas of Slovenia for exploring on two wheels include Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Adriatic coast.

These are the places that should be on your shortlist for a cycling holiday. There are many other places to consider, but these are a few of the best places in terms of natural beauty, cycling routes, attractions, culture, and cuisine.

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