The Best Gadgets To Take On A Hunting Trip

Buying the latest gadgets and tools for your hobby can sometimes get out of hand. Before you know it, your bank balance is empty, and the garage is full of every possible item under the sun that will no doubt just sit there and gather dust. These shopping habits tend to get addictive and every new purchase seems a great idea at the time but ends up being forgotten within weeks.

Partaking in the hobby of hunting game brings plenty of opportunities to indulge in new equipment and tools, and some items are more useful than others. Whilst a lot of hunting gear is essential to success in the field, there are optional accessories that can really add to your experience too. Having a Merino Wool base layer is an important item for keeping you warm but isn’t going to give you the technology fix you’re after. Once you’ve covered all the basics, you can move on to the gadgets.

The key is to get the balance right; you’ll want to fit all your kit into a weekend bag and head off to that hunting retreat without bringing the entire kitchen sink with you. Below are some great gadgets that you can indulge in without going too overboard.


A trail camera is a great piece of equipment to add to your hunting kit that won’t take up too much room. They are great for tracing the movement of game animals and can be purchased in an array of camouflage colors to blend in with the surroundings outside. Working in both daylight and nighttime hours, the camera will be trigger when an animal enters the detection zone, and a still frame will be recorded.


Decoys are a useful accessory to have on a hunting trip and can play a large role in your strategy to create success in the great outdoors. There have been many advances in the quality of hunting decoys over the past few years and they are now more realistic than ever. Adding movement and a scented spray to the one you purchase will encourage game animals to come closer and inspect. Don’t disregard this addition to your kit.


Identifying game becomes a whole lot easier with a pair of binoculars and helps to remove any potential risks. The highest magnification does not always mean they are the best option to buy, it is very dependent on the terrain you will be hunting in. If you’re in wide-open spaces and observing animals over longer distances, high magnification will be best. If you’re hunting amongst trees and woodland, then a lower magnification is the option to go for.

Look for binoculars that are both waterproof and fog-proof as they’ll be exposed to fluctuating temperatures outdoors. Many binoculars have great night vision qualities so consider the light you’ll be hunting in before you buy. This piece of equipment has huge benefits to the sport and can easily be carried around in a backpack when not in use.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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