The Best Nations Around The World For A Retreat

We’re focusing more and more on our mental health and well-being these days, which is certainly no bad thing. We’re more aware of it than ever before after the global pandemic and we’re keen to take that extra little step to look after ourselves.

And when it comes to that, nothing quite beats a week or two away at a luxury retreat.

There are many reasons why we must look after ourselves more these days, and why retreats are becoming so popular. Firstly, there’s just consciously being aware of how we feel, while also more and more people are beginning to fall into the snare of addiction, with a real crisis when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse.

Cocaine abuse is rife in cities, for example, and rehab centres are seeing more and more people come through their doors. Within treatment, it’s all about wellness and many will even partake in the likes of yoga and meditation as part of it. Which follows on nicely to retreat based holidaying, where practicing such activities can even aid in recovery.

But where in the world is best for a retreat based holiday?


Thailand is a truly remarkable country and there are hundreds of great resorts that are available to check in to, the vast majority of them at least four stars.

A company called Slingo recently named the country the best country for a retreat holiday based upon a series and we’d be certainly inclined to agree.

Bali, Indonesia

Staying in the same sort of region, Bali is another hotspot for wellness retreats and one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bali is well known for its yoga and anyone that considers themself a “yogi” then this is certainly the destination for you.


Heading to Europe now, Greece has always been a popular destination with tourists and you’ll generally get quite a good deal going.

It’s the many islands dotted around Greece that are particularly good for retreats and you’ll get excellent weather during the spring and summer months too.


For those looking for something more spiritual, India is an incredible adventure where you can really find yourself. There are many ancient practices you can enjoy in the country and you’ll find anything you’re looking for, whether it be a luxury resort or something more traditional and local.

You really won’t find anywhere else like it on earth.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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