The Best Viking Sites in Scandinavia

The Vikings have a long and illustrious history that fascinates many people the world over. From amazing ship-building capabilities to stunning craftsmanship with textiles, metal, and wood, the Vikings had a lifestyle that continues to captivate people to this day.

The good news is that the Vikings continue to live on in Scandinavia and there are plenty of places where you can experience the Viking lifestyle all year round. 

best viking sites in scandinavia

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The Best Viking Sites in Scandinavia: Key Takeaways

Site/Place City/Country Takeaway
Aifur Restaurant Stockholm, Sweden Immerse yourself in Viking dining and music with mead-paired dishes in a Norse-style setting
Aarhus Aarhus, Denmark Explore this original Viking harbor settlement and timed festivals celebrating Norse heritage
Viking Festival Hafnarfjörður, Iceland Witness live combat, traditional handicraft demos and fortunetelling at this epic annual event
Karmøy Viking Settlement Karmøy, Norway Step back in time walking through an intricately recreated Viking village with true-to-life activities
Life of Vikings Museum Stockholm, Sweden Journey through critical Viking history via cinematic recreations with Hollywood-quality set design
National Museum Copenhagen, Denmark Marvel at rare 12th century ships and precious hoards of artifacts from Viking tombs and sites
Viking Ship Museum Oslo, Norway Closed for renovations until 2026, this iconic museum houses two phenomenally preserved ships and treasures from Viking burials when reopened


So, whether you’re looking for a summer vacation with a difference or you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve Scandinavian-style, why not visit some of these amazing Viking sites? 

Now gather around the fire and join me on a voyage through the best places to channel your inner Norse explorer and dive into Viking history.

Aifur Restaurant: Dine Like Vikings in Stockholm


At Stockholm’s creatively themed Aifur Krog & Bar, step directly into a Viking feast hall and taste dishes inspired by old Norse recipes. Surrounded by flickering candles and replicas of tools, furniture, cookware and more, dine on roasted birds, mead-infused delicacies, unusual animal parts and hearty stews paired with speciality beverages. Folk musicians fill the space with lively Viking-esque tunes as you indulge in an immersive gastronomic experience.

Aarhus’ Vibrant Viking Vestiges

As an original Viking settlement situated ideally on a bustling harbor, Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus overflows with connections to its Norse founders. Wander through several museums including The Old Town open-air locale displaying architectural ruins and reconstructed buildings from the Viking Age circa 800-1050 AD.

Coincide your trip with July’s rollicking Viking Moot Festival to witness an arts-and-crafts market, mock battles between costumed warriors and more nods to Viking lifestyle.

Iceland Embraces Its Inner Viking

Vikings are becoming super popular in modern culture; for example, Ragnar Lothbrok’s story in the Vikings TV show and the character of Thor in Marvel movies. But to experience the likes of a Viking, it doesn’t get much better than the Viking Festival in Hafnarfjordur in Iceland.

Every June, the town of Hafnarfjörður kicks off an epic, four-day Viking Festival that would make its notorious Norse settler ancestors proud. Spectators flock here to watch warriors face off in combat, artisans demonstrate traditional handicrafts like embroidery and glass-blowing, and musicians delight with ancient instruments.

Test your aim in archery, learn tricks of axe-throwing, have your fortune told and immerse yourself in quintessential Viking merriment.

Photo: Victor B. / CC0 

Step Into a Norwegian Viking Village

At Norway’s Karmøy Viking Settlement, walk amongst thatched-roof longhouses, animal pens, veggie gardens and craft workshops painstakingly recreated to mimic early medieval Viking villages.

Costumed inhabitants cook over open fires, practice trades like smithing and woodworking, and engage visitors through activities that provide authentic cultural insights. An open-air theatre even hosts live performances of traditional Skaldic poems celebrating heroic tales.

Stockholm’s Sensory Viking Experience

Designed by Oscar-winning set builders, Stockholm’s visually stunning Life of Vikings museum guides you through a complete recreation of three critical phases in the Viking Age circa 750-1050 AD.

As you navigate through scenic tableaus illustrating a selection of major events, figures and milestones punctuating Viking history, engaging films, ambient sounds and even scents via subtle effects fully immerse you on an 11-minute journey to the Viking era.

Copenhagen’s Exquisite Viking Artifacts

While Oslo’s renowned Viking Ship Museum remains under renovation until 2026, visit the Danish capital of Copenhagen’s National Museum to view two rare 12th-century warships excavated from Roskilde fjord alongside precious hoards of weapons, jewels, tools and other artefacts recovered from tombs and sites occupied by Vikings.

Marvel over intricate craftwork on swords inlaid with silver and gold, delicate bracelets and brooches, combs carved from antlers, pottery and much more.

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway (closed until 2026)

The Vikings were well-regarded for their expert shipbuilding skills and advanced sea-faring capabilities. These can be admired in all of their glory at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Unfortunately, the museum is closed for a complete renovation until 2026 and will then reopen as the Museum of the Viking Age.

I am assuming the collections will be kept and expanded upon, so you will be able to view two of the best-preserved Viking ships in the world. You can also explore the fascinating finds from Viking tombs situated around the Oslo fjord and learn about the sleds, boats, textiles and household utensils on display. 

Uncovering the Allure of Vikings

This sampling of museums, events and themed attractions across Scandinavia screeches just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to destinations for dissecting enduring Viking allure. As history and popular culture continue breathing new life into Norse stories and sagas, more locales keep emerging to feed our collective fascination.

Whether you seek to study stellar maritime technology, analyze evidence of far-reaching trade routes and outposts, or simply soak up the atmospherics of a world graced by Odin and Thor themselves, options overflow for channelling your inner Viking. Skål!

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