The Paris Olympics: Five Tips To Make The Most Of Your Trip

The Olympic Games arrives in Paris this summer and we’re already more than a little excited about it. It’s all set to be one of the more unique Games ever, with Paris taking a break from norm right from the off in the Opening Ceremony.

The ceremony itself takes place along the River Seine, with floatillas lining the waterways in what is a free event for the city to enjoy. 

Of course, the French capital is already a busy destination with tourists, and that’s going to be even more so when sports fans and athletes from all over the world arrive between July 26 and August 11.

If you are one of those, here are five top tips to make the most of your trip to the 2024 Olympics…

Plan Ahead and Book Accommodation Early

This already may be a little redundant, but you may still be able to secure accommodation for the Olympics, particularly when it comes to the likes of campsites on the outskirts of the city.

Consider your options, from hotels to hostels, Airbnb rentals to the camping opportunities, which can be pleasant during the warmer months, you’ll just find a bit more of a commute into the city and the various Olympic venues.

Be prepared as Paris is already an expensive city, and that is especially going to be the case over the two weeks the Games are on.

Familiarise Yourself with Olympic Venues and Events

The Paris Games are a little different to the usual makeup of an Olympics. The venues for the Olympics are not all in an Olympic Park as normal, but instead dotted right across the city, and beyond in some cases with Tahiti actually holding the surfing, while Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon are hosting soccer among other events.

The best option is to either explore what events you wish to see and where they are being held, or setting yourself up in a particular part of Paris and sticking to the events that are close by.

Explore Beyond the Olympics

Of course, while you’re in the city you certainly shouldn’t miss out on everything else the French capital has to offer. Take advantage of the time in the city and see the sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe and the many neighbourhoods that are full of culture and heritage.

Going on a Paris bus tour can be a useful way to see everything in just a couple of hours, perhaps between events, while you should also experience the many great bistros, cafes and bakeries in the city too.

Navigate Public Transport Like a Local

The Metro system in Paris is fantastic and using it will make getting from venue to venue much easier. While carriages will be busier than usual, there will be plenty of help from volunteers, and it may even be as simple as following the crowd in some cases.

There are visitor passes you can get to enjoy unlimited travel in specific zones, which will undoubtedly be worth getting, allowing you to get across the city and enjoy all the sports you wish to see.

Immerse Yourself in the Olympic Spirit

Finally, if you’re going to make the most of the Olympics, you need to embrace the spirit of the Games. It’s always a friendly event so really get into that and be part of the fantastic atmosphere that makes it so special.

Engage with locals and other tourists, share stories, help each other and you may even create friendships that go on to last a lifetime. It’s a truly unique opportunity to be a part of something. So, be a part of it!

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Andy Higgs

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