The Top Pandemic Movies to Watch

Lately, pandemic movies have been the talk of the town owing to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. People have more time to watch movies in the quarantine or complete lockdown. The pandemic movies are a point of attraction during this outbreak disaster.

If you don’t know anything about the top pandemic movies, sit back and keep on reading since we have got you covered. Following is the list of a few top-rated pandemic movies to watch:

Train To Busan

The movie has a father and a daughter aboard a train to meet her mother. However, they are about to know that there is an extreme virus outbreak. That virus turns human beings into zombies, and they attack each other. Gradually, the whole city gets under the influence of this viral outbreak.

The movie is an action-packed survival plot with a twist of the viral zombie outbreak. The father comes at crossroads because the zombies start infiltrating the train. Therefore, both the father and the daughter have to make their way through the zombie land. The movie also portrays the bonding of the father-daughter duo during the zombie crisis.

I Am Legend

The movie stars Will Smith and shows an action-packed journey. Along with his dog (best friend), Will has to find a cure for a viral outbreak that has turned the city into a no man’s land. The plot starts post-outbreak in the city of New York. Will has to deal with the outbreak’s victims and find the cure. Long story short, he is the last hope for humankind to revive from this disaster spreading at an enormous pace.

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The Andromeda Strain

The movie is a Sci-fi thriller having a viral organism brought from outer space via a satellite. The satellite drops in a small town of Arizona, and in the meantime, the virus spreads, killing everyone in the small town.

A group of scientists reaches the spot to study the deadly pathogen and take effective measures to contain the spread of this disease. They are about to face a deadly virus, and there are many obstacles on their way to fighting the space virus. The movie is an action and survival roller coaster ride that will take the viewers into a world of living with an outer space disease.

World War Z

Brad Pitt is a one-person army against the zombies. The movie revolves around a zombie virus taking the whole world under its impact. Brad will have to fight the deadly creatures who have infected the whole world.

The film involves intense fighting, and the lead character will go to any extent to bring back the things under control. The viewers will get to see a thriller based on a pandemic outbreak. Survival is the crucial factor in this movie since the zombie virus has taken the world under its deadly effect.

The Crux

The pandemic movies are always a pack of thrill and action. However, the discussed movies are indeed a treat to watch in quarantine times. You can get together with your loved ones and enjoy these movies on the go. Every title has something unique to offer, and you will enjoy every minute of these movies.

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