Things to Know if One of Your New Year’s Resolutions Is Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is one of the most exciting and terrifying life decisions you can make. With the increasing popularity of remote working, many more people are taking up the lifestyle of a digital nomad and becoming expats abroad, relocating to a new country, and discovering a new way of life. It can be a challenge, but it is an extraordinarily worthwhile one to try.

Making moving abroad one of your New Year’s resolutions is, therefore, a great idea. After all, we’ve all come back from an exciting Miami cruise or a couple of weeks exploring the Caribbean with big ideas about living somewhere warmer! But there are, of course, things you need to know and plans you need to make before taking the plunge. So if you are thinking about moving abroad next year, here are a few crucial things to consider to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Research Your Destination Thoroughly

It should go without saying, but thorough research is the most vital part of making the decision to uproot your life and move abroad. Before committing to your move it is important to find out everything you need to know about your chosen destination, from understanding the local culture and lifestyle to knowing all the legal requirements and cost of living. Having the correct information at your fingertips will help you prepare appropriately and let you make informed decisions about every aspect of your relocation.

Financial Planning Is Key

Relocating involves an entirely different set of financial decisions and necessities to everyday life and a lot of financial considerations beyond simply how much it will cost to make the move itself. You need to know how your spending will change, based on how much you’ll be spending on rent, food, entertainment, etc., and you’ll need to understand things like exchange rates and tax implications as well. Ultimately, you need to make a monthly budget to live in Panama, Puerto Rico, or Portland – no matter where you end up, financial planning is key.

Visa and Legal Requirements

It is vitally important that you have sorted out all the visa and legal requirements that will allow you to live and work in your new home before you make the move. Visa requirements and tax laws are different everywhere in the world, so finding out what you need to do to ensure compliance is a huge part of avoiding complications or legal issues.

Language and Cultural Adaptation

Learning the language is one of the best ways to adapt to your new life in a new country. It helps you adapt to a new culture and shows that you care enough to engage with the challenge of living abroad, and will obviously help enormously when it comes to making friends and becoming involved in the local community. Language courses are a great way to speed up the process, and are also a useful forum for meeting people as well! Familiarizing yourself with the local culture is another important aspect of acclimatizing to your new home, as understanding and respecting the subtle cultural nuances will help enormously when it comes to building relationships.

Seek Professional Guidance

Moving abroad is a big challenge, but thankfully there are plenty of people who specialize in helping expats relocate. Consider seeking help and advice from experts, whether lawyers, immigration consultants, or local realtors, in order to make your transition smoother and simpler.

Making moving abroad one of your New Year’s resolutions is a wonderful way to give yourself the push you need to make the leap and opens the door to a world of possibilities. The guide above will help you embrace the adventure and ensure that this latest chapter in your life is transformative and extraordinary!

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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