Tips for your first holiday with a new partner

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There are a few exciting milestones that are common among many relationships. Saying those three little words, moving in together, buying a pet… They vary from couple to couple, but each will prove exciting and scary in its own way. One in particular can seem quite treacherous to navigate, and that is embarking on your first couples holiday.

Being alone together in a foreign land might sound romantic, and the people at Holiday Gems know that it absolutely will be – as long as you know what to expect.

  1. Be on the same page

Make absolutely sure that you each know what the other expects from this adventure before you book. Maybe you should each draw up a list of what constitutes your ideal holiday before you start thinking of destinations. There’s nothing worse than envisioning a hearty trek up the tallest mountain in the region, only to find that your partner has packed flip-flops, one t-shirt and seven swimsuits. Also, if you’re aware that your tastes differ, don’t be selfish. Ensure you divide time equally between your preferred activities. Trying out a little of what your other half loves will help you to understand each other even more!

  1. Know your strengths and theirs

 Divvy up the jobs and responsibilities sensibly. Should you halve the travel cash between you, or do you know full well that one of you is less forgetful than the other (and perhaps thriftier)? Is one of you a better map-reader? A better linguist? Are you a great planner, and do they trust you to be in charge of the itinerary? Be fair and self-aware when it comes to delegating jobs, and everything should flow smoothly.

  1. Watch the budget

Any arguments during couples holidays often boil down to money. It is so easy to get carried away over the first couple of days; freedom is very seductive, and the thought of being abroad with your loved one will have conjured up images of romantic beachside dinners under the stars ever since you booked!

Keep your spending in hand so that you’re able to enjoy the final two days of your trip as much as the first two. Maybe agree on a guideline daily limit that you’re both happy with, but don’t let it hold you back when it comes to creating beautiful memories. By all means, take that spontaneous boat trip, but be conscious that tomorrow night will be spent with a bottle of cheap wine in your hotel room!

  1. Watch the alcohol intake

Freedom tastes sweet, and bars in your chosen holiday destination will be more than obliging to ply you with as many margaritas as you can stomach (and then a few more). Also, for those of us who tend to worry a little about taking this big step, a beverage or five can be a go-to option to calm the nerves.

However, not only can this lead to tomorrow morning’s plans going to waste, but booze and holiday giddiness can lead to poorly thought-out words and actions. From proposals to criticisms, a mistake made when under the influence can lead to the rest of the trip differing rather from what you had planned.

  1. Make those memories

Make the most of photo opportunities, but don’t go out of your way to capture a beachside sunset when you could simply sit and soak it in together. There will be moments you’ll want to share with your friends, and for these, why not go old-school and buy a cheap disposable camera?

It’s so easy to take a thousand snaps on your phone then delete them when they start sapping your storage, and a camera with limited space will force you to only capture and keep the images that matter. Remember, though, that you are here with this person because they are very special to you, and some experiences are made all the sweeter when they are documented only in your two minds, and not on film. This will make them something precious that you will both share forever.

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Andy Higgs

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