Tips to save money when traveling in Europe

One of the biggest mistakes that travels make while a visit to Europe is reacting to budget. You have reached the right place if you want to make your adventure memorable without making any mistakes related to money.

In this article, we are going to share some travel tips and tricks to save money, time, and avoid frustration in Europe. Moreover, you will make an incredible visit and will love to plan your next adventures likewise.

  1. Pick the cheapest flight

The first step to saving money is to skip travel agents and make a little effort yourself. You can use the internet to find various flights to Europe. You can also download applications and compare the flights and then pick the cheapest one.

  1. Avoid exchange rates

Exchange of currency also causes extra charges which might be an additional expense when traveling to Europe. Therefore, it is better to keep no-transaction fee debit cards with you. You can consult your bank in this case and find an appropriate solution.

  1. Choose off-season

Going to Europe during summer will be the worst choice as it will significantly increase your budget. Furthermore, you will face crowded locations, booked hotels, endless waiting queues, high demanding tickets, and suffocating cities. So, it is better to visit Europe anytime other than the summer months. It will surely manage your budget.

  1. Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Internet is what you will require either you are at home or in Europe. Make you have a European SIM and a phone that supports international cards. In case your phone is locked then having a mobile WiFi hotspot will be a budget-friendly option to connect with your loved ones through WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

  1. Research and plan

According to your plan, you can use the internet to research the best place to visit in Europe. It is better to stay stick to popular places of your interest. You can also search as what to do in London or Copenhagen, the best place to visit in Berlin, how to spend a good time in Europe, and many more.

  1. Say no to hotels

Hotels are not a good choice when traveling around Europe because it is highly expensive. Alternatively, you can rent an apartment and live like a local. You can find a local company to help you get an apartment or use map tools to search for yourself. However, if you prefer hotels that multiple options are available too.

  1. Avoid overspending on transport

Spending extra money on taxis should be avoided. It is better to walk as much as you can, prefer local transport buses, trains, etc. It will help you save money and you will also get a chance to explore many things while walking to dinner.

  1. Better to go with the family-run business

Family-run-businesses are small businesses in Europe that family members run. They provide quality food and services that are worth money.

You can also move your small business to Europe with international moving companies.

  1. Purchase city pass

All-inclusive city passes are also a budget-friendly option that allows you to visit attractive places in various cities of Europe including Rome, London, Paris, Berlin, and many more without spending any money. Moreover, it will also save time as you will no longer be waiting for tickets in queues.

  1. Save money at eatable

Eat whatever you love but you can also save money by visiting grocery stores and finding unprocessed items that are easy to cook such as a grilled sandwich. Moreover, find places where students eat because these restaurants are comparatively cheaper. You can also find meal deals including 2-3 courses. Luckily, tap water in Europe is drinkable so use it to refill your water bottle.

  1. Visit free places

Before leaving for Europe, it is better to search for the local events, museum day, and other entertaining places you can visit for free. It will help you save money and enjoy yourself much more.


Europe is an excellent place to spend your vacations and collect memories. But always make it budget-friendly. Live like locals and you will surely save a lot of money. Pack your bags, grasp the cost-effective flight and fly to Europe.


Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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