Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Montreal

Montreal is situated on the bank of the St. Lawrence river and is the cosmopolitan hub of information technology and trade. Jacques Cartier came to this place in 1535 and won it on behalf of his king, Francois I of France. That’s the reason you can see a mixture of European and English culture.

There are many tourist attractions in Montreal. If you have just one day, it is challenging to see and enjoy the city to the fullest. Read further to discover the top tourist attractions.

  1. Mont-Royal:

Mont-Royal is a mountain between the city. It is 233 metres high, and covered by greenery. This Mont-Royal has a stroll that welcomes visitors to see Jacques Cartier and King George VI’s monuments. You can also spend some time at the mountain peak to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset. It is the most amazing experience you get in this city.

You can see Montreal’s 51-kilometer area and the St. Lawrence river from the summit of this mountain.

  1. Vieux – Montreal: 

Old Montreal is the most popular and lovely place. It has remarkable architecture and buildings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. It is a very artistic district with a Parisian-style quarter, situated between the waterfront and the business hub.

There are many historic sites, streets, and landmarks present in Old Montreal. Some of the most popular places are Pointe-a-Callier, the Museum of Archaeology and history, Notre-Dame Basilica, and the open-Air gating space of Place Jacques-Cartier.

  1. Botanical Garden:

In 1976, during the Summer Olympic games, parc Maisonneuve became the most beautiful imaginative botanical garden. It has diverse plants and has 30 themed gardens. There are ten exhibition greenhouses in this garden. So, in this garden, you can see a wide range of climates and plants.

The outdoor garden has beautiful Japanese and Chinese gardens and has fantastic alpine, aquatic, medicinal, useful, shade, and even some toxic plants.

  1. Notre-Dame Basilica:

It is the oldest church in Montreal city. It was founded in 1656. The twin towers of the neo-gothic face are the most visited place at this church. Victor Bougeau designed this splendid interior. Louis-Philippe Hebert did the crafting craving from 18050 to 1917.

If you don’t want to pay the visiting charges, you have to come out in 20 minutes. However, it is highly advised to pay for an hour tour to explore this place, including the balcony and crypt.

  1. Joseph’s Oratory:

This place is near the western exit from Mount Royal Park. It is dedicated to Canada’s patron Saint. Brother Andre built it during has already made a small chapel here in 1904 and then his Renaissance-style domed Basilica architecture in 1924.

Brother Andre’s tomb is in the part of the original chapel. A cloister behind this church leads to the Mount Royal. When you walk on this pedestrian road, you will reveal the beauty of nature.


These are the top 5 tourist attractions in Montreal. You must go to to buy CBD juice; otherwise, you will feel tired because Montreal has many things to offer. Comment below if you have any questions.

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