Top experiences for your first visit to Canada


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There’s no getting over it – Canada is one enormous country. This fact alone can make planning your first trip to the country rather daunting – but fear not!

In this article we’ve picked out some of the best experiences you can have in Canada – so find the ones that appeal most and then plan your itinerary around your list.

We’ve included both outdoor and indoor activities; some of the former are a little extreme but most will have universal appeal.

All of them, however, are quintessential Canadian experiences which we know you will love.

Let’s get started then:
• If you really want to start at the top, climb the platform in Wakefield Quarry in Quebec and bungee off, enjoying an upside-down view of a beautiful area.
• Let’s get back down to earth, shall we? For a more relaxing time, hit the hot springs in Kootenay National park in British Columbia – especially wonderful in the depths of winter.
• You might be surprised at how good the diving can be off the Canadian coastline – Tobermory Bay is stunning.
• Ready for some more adrenaline? Skydiving should do it – Sasketchewan is one of the finest places to throw yourself from a plane.
• Canada offers a great opportunity to see the Northern Lights – head for Yellowknife at the right time and you’re almost guaranteed to view the amazing Aurora Borealis.
• Explore the Rockies – with hundreds of miles of trails of varying difficulty, you’ll find something to suit in these stunning mountains.
• Back to winter fun – you can’t visit in the snowy months without dog sledding – British Columbia is a perfect starting point.
• A more sedate way to see a lot more of the country is by rail – the Via Rail route linking Toronto and Vancouver is an awesome ride.
• Food is going to be another high point – you can’t leave Montreal without eating bagels, after all.
• Visit the most easterly part of North America – Cape Spear in Newfoundland is one to tick off the bucket list – and you can have dinner in the lighthouse.
• The CN Tower in Toronto is spectacular enough from the inside – but did you know you can walk around its rim at over 1100 feet in the air (with plenty of support, don’t worry) – the Edgewalk is something you’ll not forget in a hurry
• Finally for this list, you need to experience the majesty of the Niagra Falls – ride on the Maid of the Mist to get as close as you’ll want to for stunning views.

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Photo credit: Niagara Falls via photopin (license)

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