Top Holiday Destinations for Adventure and Luxury

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When choosing a holiday destination, we often want a combination of things. While we might seek out a taste of adventure, perhaps a jungle trek, white water rafting, or sea kayaking, most of us would also like a little luxury to go with it. Well, you can have the best of both worlds when you go on holiday, and these top destinations have just the right qualities to bring you the adventure you crave as well that added luxury to leave your feeling relaxed and refreshed!


Portugal is made up of five regions including two islands, and as a result offers some incredible rural areas, relaxing beaches as well as some bustling towns. For adventurers, try a spot of scuba diving and see amazing marine life in crystal waters, go pony trekking along one of the white, sandy beaches, or go hiking in the cool pine forests. For luxury accommodation, find villas in Portugal, or opt for a spa hotel.

Top Tip: Check out some designer labels with a day out shopping in Lisbon, and finish off with some exquisite seafood such as Bacalhau, Portugal’s traditional salt cod dish.


Croatia is a country located in Eastern Europe, and boasts a stunning coastline, sandy beaches as well as around a thousand small islands.

Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park, an area filled with forests, babbling rivers, lakes and waterfalls, or why not go kayaking and explore the islands in the Adriatic Sea? Croatia is also a great place to go mountain biking and rock climbing.

Top Tip: If you’re looking for a cultural getaway, head to Dubrovnik, located in the South of the country, offering spectacular sea views from its high city walls.

After a day full of adventure, you might want some more relaxing activities to do. Soak up some history and explore some of the architecture of the towns, wander through quaint markets, or have some fresh local food in a welcoming restaurant. Croatia is still one of those places where you are not swamped by tourism and offers a traveler plenty of value.


If you like sunshine and reggae as well as having some great adventures, Jamaica is a must-visit destination in the Caribbean. With its tropical climate, any time of the year is great for a beach holiday and with that comes a choice of water sports. Snorkeling and scuba diving is a great way to get up close to marine life that teems around the shores or discover the tropical forests by bamboo rafting along one of the many rivers.

Top Tip: For culinary adventures, Jamaica has some exciting dishes, from the famous Jerk Chicken to the national dish of Ackee and Salt Fish.

If you need a break from the excitement, just chill with a drink or two on one on the beach, or learn more about the history and culture of this friendly, lively place by visiting the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.


Home of Flamenco dancing, warm sunshine, and miles of coastline, Spain is a diverse country that offers plenty in the way of adventure as well as luxury. Take part in an array of water sports, from jet skiing, speed boating, and paddle boarding, as well as exploring under the water by snorkeling and scuba diving.

For more relaxing activities, get out of the tourist trails by heading into the mountain regions, exploring fishing villages or heading to local food markets.

Top Tip: Try authentic Tapas food, share a Sangria or two before taking a relaxing stroll along a sunset beach.

Florida, USA

Known for its Walt Disney theme park, Florida has always been a top destination. With its miles of beaches, hiking trails, nature reserves and luxury home rentals, there is plenty to make any adventure junkie happy! Tour the Everglades in search of alligators, zip line through the canyons of Ocala, or go quad biking in Clermont. You could also do a spot of shopping in the indoor and outdoor malls, check out vintage looks in Ybor, or go antique shopping in South Beach

Top Tip: If you prefer something a little more relaxing, take a boat cruise and see some flora and fauna along the Lazy River, enjoy a picnic and take in the views of the ocean.

However you want to spend your time, there is plenty of adventure and relaxation in Florida.

A holiday gives you the chance to do some of the activities you’ve always felt like doing, as well as getting some time to unwind and experience life away from the daily grind. Choosing the right destination is key to having a great holiday, so find somewhere for adventure as well as luxury! For luxury accommodation, opt for a beautiful villa in Portugal, for instance, and have your most memorable holiday yet!

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