Top Romantic Accommodations In London


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If you are planning a romantic trip with someone special, booking the ideal accommodations throughout your travels is important.

Your accommodations can make or spoil the fun you hope to have during your trip to the city of London. After all, what would a romantic getaway be without comfortable rooms, excellent services, ideal locations within the city, and every luxury that your heart could possibly desire!

Give due importance to the romantic accommodations in London that you wish to book for your travels this year. Make sure that your choice offers everything that you desire.

Following are the top accommodation choices in the city, which will make your romantic trip, one to remember and cherish forever.


If you want to spend your time in London in great luxury, then Blakes is the hotel you should reserves accommodations in. The hotel offers high end luxury service and has a mysteriously romantic environment, which is much adored by all the romantic couples who pay the place a visit.

From the oriental styled lobby to the magnificent décor, the hotel has it all. The rooms have been designed to display influence styles from China, Italy, Turkey and India.

You will find carved beds, ancient style trunks, sweeping drapery and plump cushions to complete the picture of oriental luxury.


This hotel has a reputation of being something of a celebrity getaway. The hotel offers a number of comfortably styled rooms, all of which are decorated according to Georgian styled townhouses. With beautiful four poster beds, clawfoot baths, old paintings, antique designed desks, and great brass shower fittings; you can enjoy a romantic rendezvous with every luxury you can possibly think of!

The split level suite of Rook’s Nest offers a spectacular view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is another sight you can enjoy with your partner.

San Domenico House

If you want to spend your romantic trip relaxing and enjoying your time, then why not pamper yourself? Breakfast in bed might seem like an old notion, but when you’re on holiday and just wish to forget the hassles of daily life, why not give yourself a treat? San Domenico House does offer you a great opportunity to enjoy a luxury breakfast in bed. With a yummy breakfast to start off your day with excellent service, you can be sure that the rest of the day will be great for sure!

Church Street Hotel

The hotel has Mexican and Cuban motifs. The atmosphere of the hotel is one with an old world charm, where you get to revel in the peaceful beauty of the place. Tucked away in this hotel, you can forget the hassles of the outside world, as you enjoy having a splendid time with your partner and appreciate the décor and style of your exquisite surroundings.

Decide on accommodations which are luxuriously delightful, yet clean and safe as well. The right choice will guarantee your maximum comfort with a romantic ambiance, so choose wisely!

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