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If you’re tempted by the promise of autumn or winter sun in the Canary Islands after Reading Nikolia’s article back in September, these tips may help you narrow down your choice further.

Tenerife is renowned for great clubbing, but there are many high quality resorts that cater to families as well. Well priced Tenerife Flights mean people of all ages can enjoy a trip to the sun soaked island of Tenerife. Here are some of the best places to stay for a good time on the biggest and best of the Canary Islands.

Playa De Las Americas

The undisputed number one spot for full on fun in Tenerife, this activity centre is always very busy, offering great entertainment for families of holidaymakers or young people looking for fun in the sun. The beaches’ golden sands and sparkling blue sea will delight in the daytime and there’s plenty of nightlife for those who crave clubbing when the sun goes down.

Gran Hotel Bahia


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The tropical gardens of this amazingly tranquil and architecturally impressive hotel come with all the service you’d expert of a luxury resort, without the heart attack inducing price tag. Get a taste of luxury with this lush resort, which will have you relaxing in no time. The views are fantastic, stretching down to the golden sands from your vantage point by the beautiful pool: an ideal spot for anyone who wants to relax in style.
Hotel Botanico


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With huge rooms that are lushly furnished and a high quality, sophisticated luxury feel throughout, it’s no wonder the Hotel Botanico is regularly honoured as one of the best hotels in the world. With views of amazingly picturesque mountains, you can relax at the spa or take a look through the fantastically well-kept gardens between trips to the beach.

Tenerife has a lot to offer to anyone looking for quality hotel in beautiful island surroundings. Above are just a few of the high-end resorts that you can enjoy there, with great options to suit the needs of anyone after an enjoyable break in an island paradise.

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