Top spots to visit in Cambridge

The county town of Cambridge is located in Cambridgeshire in England and is situated along the picturesque banks based of the Cam River, in the north of England. Cambridge served as a vital trading centre during the Bronze era, and it has a lot for tourists to explore.

There are plenty of quality hotels near Cambridge Train Station¸ which is a suitable spot to stay in the city. It offers easy access to the numerous shopping venues and other attractions in the area. Some of the spots to spend an afternoon touring in Cambridge include the following places:

The Fitzwilliam Museum

It a architecturally impressive building that houses some of the finest artworks and is must-see on a trip to Cambridge. There is a fine collection of creations by n assortment of artists and it makes for a pleasurable afternoon tour. Another equally captivating museum that is nearby is the Trumpington Street Museum.

The King’s College Chapel

A very popular spot with tourists and visitors it is one of the most well recognised symbols of Cambridge. The Kings’ College Chapel is a classic Gothic structure that was constructed in the period 1446-1515. There is an admission fee to explore it.

The Eagle

A fabulous place rich in history The Eagle is a pub that is recognised as the location where the legendary Francis Crick made his famous announcement of the discovery of DNA, in partnership with James Watson. It is also popular with the RAF and is famous for its WWII graffiti.

The Round Church

The Round Church is one of a kind structure and occupies a prominent spot as the second oldest building in the area. Its architecture is amazingly unique and one does not have to be a student of art to recognise and admire its impressive architecture. A sight not to be missed on a visit to Cambridge!

The Cambridge University Colleges

With 31 colleges under its aegis Cambridge University is one of the most venerable academic institutions in the world. Each of its colleges is renowned for their amazing architecture and illustrious heritage. The best way to explore them is to sign up for an official Guided Walking Tour of them.

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Located within the University the famous Botanic Garden is home to a massive collection of more than 8000 species of flora. There are numerous other attractions as well like the glass houses, chronological beds, a lake, mature trees, and rock gardens etc.

Take a tour of the River Cam

A unique way to explore Cambridge is to sign up for a water based tour on the River Cam either by boat or its famous traditional punts. It is a lovely way to catch sight of the scenic natural beauty to be found all around Cambridge. You could either choose to take an operated punt tour or hire a punt and paddle along yourself. If that is not interest you, there is the alternative of either opting for a canoe tour from the Grantchester area or a boat tour from the Plough Pub area.

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