Top Tips For Capturing Your Travel Memories

With all the apps, tools, and new tech available at the touch of a button, there are a lot of ways to keep track of your travels.

In this article, we’ve talked about some cool ways to keep track of your backpacking trip so you can remember everything.

Take Photos

Taking pictures is by far the easiest and most common way to keep track of your travels.  You can choose to use a professional camera with all of its accessories, or you can just use your cell phone.

When choosing a camera, it’s important to think about what you need from it. Do you care most about how good the photos are? You might want to go kayaking or do other water sports a lot. If so, you might want a camera that is waterproof.

By asking these questions, you can narrow down your choices for the best camera for your trip. It’s also important to keep copies of your photos as you go. Even though this takes time, you’ll be sorry you didn’t do it if your camera ever gets stolen. If you want to buy a new external hard drive, take a look at the one on our list of “backpacking essentials.” Once you have this sorted out you can start looking at the tips and tricks needed to take great pictures.

Take Videos

Taking video footage of your travels can be an even better way to remember them since you’ll be able to record sounds and movement. You might want to record a home movie, or you might want to make YouTube videos.  If you want the best camera for taking photos and videos, we’d recommend a GoPro.

The GoPro is tough and waterproof, so you can use it for a lot of different things. Take pictures, videos, or even time-lapses that are really cool. You also won’t have to worry about wear and tear if you use something like this.

Use A Travel Journal

Even though travel journals are old-fashioned, writing in your diary while watching the sun go down is very Hemingway. You can also write down how you feel and what you think in a travel diary. This can help you remember more than just a quick glimpse of your trip.

Include things like how much it cost, what the weather was like, and the names of the places you went. We love that you can buy an “Adventure Book” from the movie Up to keep track of your travels. You can buy this beautiful book on Amazon at the Adventure Book store.

If you’re not the kind of person to write down your thoughts in a leather-bound book, there are apps that can help.

Buy Some Mementoes

Who here likes to collect things? Bringing back a souvenir from your trip can be a great way to remember it. Business cards, coasters, foreign money, and tickets are just some of the things you can pick up along the way and keep as fun and creative ways to remember your trip. Scrapbooking, shadowboxes, or creating a personalized photobook are all creative ways to showcase your memories and keep the essence of your travels alive.

Make sure you have enough space in your backpack for any souvenirs you want to buy on your trip. If you want more space, we suggest a 70L pack like the Osprey Fairview Trek.

Start A Blog

If you are reading this, you already know what a blog is. Even if your goal isn’t to become an Instagram star, keeping a blog is a great way to keep yourself on track during a long trip. If you know that your friends and family back home are waiting for your next entry, you’ll be more likely to take the time to post a few photos and write a short entry about what you’ve been up to.

This is a great way to keep track of where you’ve been. You can also be sure that your memories won’t be lost, even if you lose your journal or someone steals your backpack. Plus, you never know, your blog could be the next one to go viral.

Send Postcodes

From any city in the world, you can buy and send a postcard. You can send them to friends and family or save them to put on your fridge when you get home. You could write long descriptions of each trip, or you could just cut out the card that looks the best and put it in your travel scrapbook.

Keeping Track Of Your Travels

There are a lot of ways to keep track of your travels as you go, and it’s likely that you’ll use more than one of the above. No matter what you do, don’t forget to enjoy your trip!

You don’t want to worry so much about taking pictures or getting the perfect photo for social media that you forget to have fun. Stop, take a look around, and make a mental note of something so you won’t forget your trip.

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Andy Higgs

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