Top Tips For Visiting London

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London is a city that has everything that you can imagine on offer. Home to around eight million people, it is a sprawling metropolis that is best navigated using a mixture of leg work and the fantastic underground system. 

You’ll find history and tradition meeting commerce, retail and culture in this charismatic city. At times, you can leave a major tourist area, turn off onto a side street and find a genuine local community where you will see the personality of the true London. It can often be easy to miss this through the mix of tourists and global brands. But London is a city that still holds tight to all of its histories.

If you are off to England’s capital anytime soon, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Eating Out In London

Whether you are looking for traditional pie and mash, or jellied eels, or if you would prefer more a cosmopolitan affair, London has a fantastic arrange of food choices. If you are after a fine dining experience, London is home to world-famous restaurants such as The Ritz, or The Dorchester while also having much more down to earth and contemporary fare on pretty much every street in the city.

So, whether you’re looking for Canary Wharf Restauants, or curry in Hammersmith, you will not be short of a great place to eat.

Taking In The History

London is of course home to one of the most famous royal families in the world. With a long history of notable royalty living in the city, Buckingham Palace is definitely worth a visit. You can choose to take a tour, or you could just pop along and watch the changing of the guard, which happens every morning. This display of precision marching moves like clockwork at the front of the palace each day at 11 am.

Of course, Britain is a constitutional monarchy, which means that it is governed by the houses of parliament. These grand buildings are also worthy of a visit, even if to marvel at the exterior.

A trip to the British Museum will bring you face-to-face with the famously controversial  Elgin Marbles. ‘Stolen’ from Greece, these works of ancient artwork are magnificent examples of how evolved their society was. You could also take a trip over to the Natural History Museum where some of the most fantastic dinosaur remains in the world are housed. An amazing thing about these world-class museums is that entry is free.

Checking Out The Culture

London has long been an amazing place to see some of the best artwork in the world, and the fantastic Tate and Tate Modern galleries house some of the most famous artworks from creators from all over the world. The National Portrait Gallery plays host to the largest collection of portraits in the world, with over 200,000 pieces. Again, all of these amazing galleries are free to enter, although some charges may apply for any special temporary exhibitions.

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