Visiting Kampala and Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda


For several years I have been trying to visit Uganda. Okay, that sounds a bit odd, like they didn’t want me to come or I there was some other obstacle in my way. What I mean is that I have been interested in exploring Uganda for a long time and it took me a while to have both the time and the contacts to set up a trip where I could experience some of what the country has to offer.

My desire to visit only increased when I got to know a few Ugandan travel agents at trade fairs and we became very good friends – they told me more of what I was missing.

For me, Uganda meant gorillas and Idi Amin. The latter does not appear as a reason to come to Uganda but I remember his time in power, the forced expulsion of the Asian community and the terrorist incident at Entebbe airport. While “dark tourism” does bring people to the country – and is in fact an area the tourist board is embracing, albeit on a small scale – this was not my motivation.

Meeting the gorillas was, though. What would surprise me most about Uganda when I finally got there, though, was what else the country offers. Spectacular scenery like none I had ever seen, excellent wildlife sightings and some unique accommodation options just for starters.

I arranged my 10-day Uganda tour with one of the best inbound agents in the country, Great Lakes Safaris. They arranged some discounts along the way but it was high season so this was not possible at most lodges. I should point out that I paid for this trip and the flights (and the gorilla/chimp permits) from my own pocket and it was a considerable expense, but in any case I only ever provide honest opinions about my experiences whether they are self-funded or as part of a familiarisation trip.

There was a lot to see and write about, so I have split the trip report into several parts.

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