What Your Vacation Planning Says About You – And Why It’s Good!

Everybody has their own personality and their own way of ticking. In the travel world, this means that there are different types of holidaymakers and different types of holiday plans. And that’s great: There’s nothing wrong with not being like everyone else.

But, it is interesting to notice that a specific type of people will prepare a very specific form of holiday planning. So, if you are one of the top three personas below, here is a little guide on how to keep critics at bay!

The Master Of Organisation: You Like To Plan Everything Carefully

You know what you want to do and see, and consequently you enjoy sitting down and carefully planning your next vacation. For some, you are what they call a control-freak. But this is an unfair description. You simply have a natural talent for organisation.

After all, there is nothing wrong in liking things to be clear and prepared. By doing it yourself, you can be sure that everything is exactly as you want it to be. Besides, planning your holiday yourself is a smart move, especially if you use tools that are specifically designed to combine all travel information and options in one place.

This enables you to save a lot of time, money and nerves too. You are not one to panic easily, especially because you know that you have carefully prepared everything in advance, which is guaranteed to keep you not only out of troubles but also to make sure that you know how to react in case something unexpected should happen. As an experienced organiser, you know the rules and use them to your advantage to enjoy a happy and stress-free life.


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The Skillful Manager: You Like To Have Someone Who Plans For You

You prefer to rely on experts to do all the planning and research for you: After all, they know best and they can get you the best deal. For some, you are too dependent, but in reality you have a natural intelligence when it comes down to managing talents. You understand the division of talents, and you know what you are best at.

While this is not holiday making, you know that your skills are better employed at what you can do. As a result, you will tend to choose an Escorted Tour that enables you to enjoy the company of like-minded people as you can discover a new world with all the comfort and the ease that you need. As you are talented at networking, such tours are ideal for you to make new friends and bring back memories that you will keep for a lifetime.


You trust others

The Indiana Jones: You Like To Go For A Real Adventure

You don’t like planning because it destroys your sense of adventure. While this means that you might encounter some issues here and there, it also gives the promise of living your holiday at 100%. For many, you are a chaotic vagabond. But they don’t understand that you use your travels to learn new skills and lessons that are precious.

Travelling with a plan of what to see or where to stay teaches you to relax and go with the flow. Additionally, you become a great problem solver, as you are forced to sort out things that go ugly rapidly. Finally, your holidays become a platform for self-development.

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