A Vacation and a Volvo: Travel Sweden in Style


Too often in life we have to choose between the trip of a lifetime and a practical, mundane purchase. It can be difficult to justify a lavish and exciting vacation when your roof is leaking or your car is on its last leg. As necessary as a relaxing break from work and life might be, everyday responsibilities always seem to come first — until now.

Volvo is partnering with Sweden’s tourism bureau to create a whirlwind vacation to check every box. If you’re already looking to invest in an automobile but don’t want to miss out on the vacation of a lifetime, read more about this new vacation package that combines practicality with possibility.

Step One: Buy a Car

Choosing a Volvo from the vast selection could either be the easiest or most difficult part of participating in this travel program. Once you’ve finally decided on a model, order the vehicle from your local retailer and explain your interest in Volvo Overseas Delivery. Most models receive a sizable discount off U.S. MSRP, meaning you could actually save some money by taking this trip.

Step Two: Go on Vacation


The program comes included with flight tickets to Scandinavia, but if you want to branch out and see other parts of Europe, you can easily find inexpensive flights on Flights.com. No matter where you land, you can make your way to the nearest delivery location. The easiest and most popular choice, however, is the Gothenburg Factory in Gothenburg, Sweden, as at this location you’ll be treated to a handful of amenities you won’t find anywhere else, like a Volvo Factory Tour and access to the Volvo Brand Experience Center. Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary night in a first-class Gothenburg hotel to kick off your travels.

Once you pick up your car, the road is yours. You are free to tour the continent in the comfort and style of your new vehicle, stopping when and where you fancy. Volvo will insure the car themselves for two weeks’ worth of travel, meaning you have 14 days to explore Europe. Most travelers take advantage of their freedom and plan their own itineraries; however, if the wealth of opportunity is stifling, you can choose among Volvo’s pre-organized vacation plans, categorized based on theme and duration. Here’s a synopsis of a few choice selections.

  • Three Kingdoms. Journey for 11 days on the royal roads between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark and experience the splendor of the three most powerful Scandinavian countries. Each night, you are treated to double room accommodation and a lavish breakfast. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful scenery and important sites in all three countries.
  • Kingdom of Glass. See the all the luxury Sweden has to offer on this six-night tour. Spend nights and mornings in huge manor houses and spas, and indulge in multi-course feasts of traditional Swedish fare.
  • Family Fun in Sweden and Denmark. Bring the little ones on your travels and entertain everyone in the family with this exciting tour. You’ll visit the most cosmopolitan cities in Scandinavia, including Copenhagen and Stockholm, and gain entrance to the most thrilling attractions, including Legoland and wildlife parks.

Alternatively, you can always choose to branch out on your own adventures. The Swedish cities and countryside are full of centuries’ worth of culture and history, and the nightlife and culinary scenes are on the bleeding edge of cool. If you are searching for culture, don’t miss Sweden’s metropolitan centers, including Gothenburg, Malmo, and Stockholm. However, if you desire to see Sweden’s natural wonders, set your GPS for Skane, Kosterhavet, and — surprisingly — Stockholm, where much of the city’s archipelago has retained untouched landscapes. Even if you don’t want or need a new car, Sweden is well worth a long vacation.

Step Three: Go Home

Once you’re done with your trip, simply return your car to your nearest delivery location. You may need to show proof of purchase and pay minor processing fees; your new car will begin making its way across the sea to your driveway. Meanwhile, you can continue your travels or fly back home in eager anticipation.

It’s more than likely that many people are already interested in purchasing a Volvo, which makes this vacation program even more appealing to most. Indulge in some adventure and tour Sweden like a native, while at the same time buying a brand new car.

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Andy Higgs

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