Wet And Wild: Can’t Miss Watersports Destinations

It’s amazing to think about exactly how many of our destinations and holidays involve water – right?

From beach getaways to soaking up the rays of the sun by a pool – water usually has some involvement – even if it’s frozen up as snow!

There’s a load of ways water gets in on our holiday action, so let’s take the action to the water! Where can you enjoy some serious watersports? Get your SUP paddles out!

Head down to Santander in Spain to enjoy a bustling surf scene. It’s cool and is a wave hotspot. A surf school ‘Escuela Cántabra de Surf’ has been running since 1991 and surfers of all abilities and ages are welcome to be taught! There are some awesome packages to look at ranging from a weekend getaway to a truly intensive month-long surf school.

If you head to Rhodes, you can enjoy some serious waves. The Prassonísi Center is on the south-western point of Rhodes where flat water and waves are promoted due to the natural formations. The Prassonísi Center is an amazing school for all abilities of windsurfer, so you can be taught how to windsurf before teaching those Greek waves exactly who is the boss!

There are plenty of watersports to be found in Greece, especially in the archipelago of islands that dots the country. There’s a village hopping Kayaking tour that takes place in the middle of the ocean that will see you travel the coast of Kefalonia. You’ll paddle through sea caves and hike some of the way sampling some amazing Greek dishes along the way. Greece also allows you to sail and contact the elements! It’s challenging, though.

The Aegean Sea offers an amazing destination for sailing where you can learn to steer and handle sails as well as sight-see!

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If sailing is your thing, you can also head to Sardinia and Corsica. Sail aboard a yacht on a weeklong sailing adventure through the pair of islands. You can also get involved in plenty of swimming, hiking, and snorkeling. The itinerary is usually very flexible, so you can usually have time to go for a wander when you wish.

Finally, it’s a bit different by you can hit up the river canoes of the Yukon in the wilderness of North America. It’s a 10-day adventure through the forests and rivers of Canada and is suited to all abilities. This really is a chance to get out and about, and you can see everything from black bears to moose. The call of the wild might be irresistible, as it was to those souls who embarked to the Klondike on a gold rush.

There are plenty of ways to getaways this year, and most of them can include watersports. If you like getting out on the surf or sailing against the tide, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Of course, you might need some equipment, so do your research before you head out.