What You Need to Know Before You Go Rafting in Colorado

Regarded for its breathtaking backdrop featuring a mix of beautiful landforms, Colorado is truly a haven for adventure-seekers. Whether you are up for challenging outdoor activities or after some educational history and heritage tours, this state is packed with things to do year-round. 

If you want to try water rafting in the Pride of the West, you’ll never run out of options, thanks to the many local businesses that offer trips and tours in the area. By merely visiting the state’s official website, you’ll be presented with a plethora of choices for your next water adventure. 

But before you pack your swimming gear and book that plane ticket, be sure to read these helpful tips about white water rafting in Colorado:

Best Time to Go Rafting

Rafting is a seasonal activity, so you’ll have to pick the best dates to experience the adventure of a lifetime. In general, the best time to go white water rafting in Colorado is during the beginning of the spring, which officially starts at the end of March. However, since the winter season usually lasts through April, it’s best to book your trip towards the end of April or May. You can enjoy this climate until the end of September. 

For beginners and less experienced rafters, try going white water rafting in Colorado during July or August, when the weather is quite warm, the water levels are lower, and the rapids are less challenging. 

If you are a master rafter, who wants to keep the adrenaline pumping and experience an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, book your trip from May through June. During these months, the water levels are crazy, and the weather is a bit unpredictable, which only makes the escapade much more electrifying.

Where to Raft in Colorado

Blessed with so many rivers and home to plenty of expert rafting guides, the Centennial State is packed with countless places perfect for rafting. But if you are after the best place to raft, you better book a trip somewhere in Arkansas. 

Arkansas is often regarded as the most popular rafting site. When you raft along the Arkansas River, you’ll have the opportunity to spot some of the state’s top tourist attractions, such as the Browns Canyon and Bighorn Sheep Canyon.

Other popular rafting destinations are listed below:

  • Animas River
  • Cache La Poudre
  • Clear Creek
  • Blue River
  • Colorado River
  • Dolores River
  • Eagle River
  • Gunnison River
  • Rio Grande
  • Roaring Fork River
  • San Juan River
  • San Miguel River
  • Taylor River
  • Uncompahgre River
  • Yampa/Green River

Tip: Always Hire a Guide

Plunging down the rapids is always fun, but it doesn’t come without risks. Especially if you are inexperienced in sports, never skip a guide when you book your trip. This way, you can prevent injuries and make the most out of your whitewater rafting. 

Colorado should be on your travel bucket list if you want to experience whitewater rafting at its best. Apart from rafting, you can also book arts and culture tours, try some new outdoor sports, visit world-class attractions, or tour over 200 breweries. If you are after some peace, book any accommodation and enjoy the ethereal beauty of its diverse geography. 

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