When Should You Visit Santorini?

Do you want to visit the Greek Island Santorini? Well, it isn’t the land of Gods like Olympus, but if you are a travel adventurer and you want a great experience, then Santorini will suffice. Following, we are giving you a basic guideline for when to visit this city.

When to Go?

The beautiful Santorini lies above the South Aegean Sea. The Greek Island is famous for its white and blue roofed buildings. This unique aspect has made this town a tourism hotspot. Although the city has its fair share of tourists all around the year, what’s the ideal time to visit this stunning city?

Well, it depends on what do you want! Do you want to save money, the best weather or go when tourism at its peak low? Get your answer; it will help you plan your next vacation.

Following, we are giving you a basic summary that will help you to decide:

  • Visit in May-September if you want the best weather
  • Visit in July-August if you want to avoid the crowd
  • Visit somewhere between October-March if you want to save money
  • Visit in June-September if you seek the best nightlife

The cold months are best if you want to save money and hate navigating through the crowd.

The city attracts more than 1.5 million tourists every year. The number is exponentially high considering the small size of this island.

How to Have a Great Experience?

If you want to book a trip to Santorini with Voyage Prive, then you might want to check the following to confirm you are looking at the right time of the year.

April to early November is considered to be the best time to visit this country, but if you want good weather with the sun, then you better wait till May-October. If you are a newlywed couple who wants to go for their honeymoon, then go in June or September

In case money is an issue, then go in March-April or October-November. These mots have the best hotel prices. The tourism business takes a heavy hit during cold months, December- February. You can also save a ton of money in these months, provided if you can find any hotel.

In case you love beaches, then you better visit the city in June-September. Sightseeing is bliss from March-June and September-November. The high season runs late, and it usually lasts till Early September. Therefore, if you plan to visit during this time, you better book three months in advance.

You need to mind the fact that Santorini is very popular during Winter. This is the reason why most hotels and restaurants remain open all around the year to serve the tourists. The city has a population of 15,000, so there will be a lot of o things to keep you entertained.

If you don’t want any hassle during your trip, you better make all the bookings 6-9 months in advance. There are several hotels that over excellent value for your money if you book in advance.  

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