Why a Desert Safari Tour should be on your Dubai Bucket List

In the thick of teeming city life and lofty towers, an adventure beckons drawing enthusiastic seekers- the Dubai desert safari. This exemplary expedition transcends just checking off the list, rather it is a voyage which engage the senses to the Arabian Peninsula’s vibrant heritage & timeless beauty.

Desert Safari All the Rage-Know Why

  • Heart-pounding adventure
  • Spectacular vistas
  • Cultural immersion
  • Photo-worthy
  • Family-friendly
  • Unique entertainment
  • Getaway from urban bustle
  • Stunning sunsets
  • Educational insights to Bedouin traditions
  • Display of Arabian nights at its best
  • Delectable food

Desert Safari-Why a Must-Try?

Dubai’s desert is not confined merely to a sand land. It is a pinnacle to the city trip. The experience is intriguing as well as outdoorsy, promises riveting rides, and is one where serenity and exhilaration interlink. Above all, you are spoilt for choice from options varying morning, overnight, and premium, to evening safaris satiating your personal penchant. Let’s explain why desert safaris are indeed a must try.

  • Sunrise & Sunset- The Enchanting Vistas: Sunrise and sunset vistas are highly infectious at the safari luring travelers and photo addicts alike. Glancing at the fiery ball’s first rays spanning on the sands on an evening desert safari is a sight to behold. Equally beguiling is the dipping sun that casts an orangish streak giving photo freaks an excuse to capture the warm glow.
  • Adventure at Your Will-adventure here awaits at each turn. Yes you heard that right. The best part you have flexibility to pick one at your will. Wish to experience celerity and elation? Hop for a dune drive at a robust 4×4 vehicle leaving your heart pounding on each turn and twist. Opt for sandboarding for keeping a check on your balance while sliding the sand slopes. Record witty reels tumbling and rolling on the sands. Gear up for some off-road thrill through quad biking. Steer the undulating dunes for roller coaster excitement.
  • Sublime Beauty- the Dubai deserts are truly surreal. Be it the sight of the early morning sand in its untamed form or during sunset adorned with vibrant hues is sure to leave you enthralled. Witnessing the red sand dunes firsthand is indeed special. Besides, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve undeniably is every nature buff’s retreat for the assorted availability of flora and fauna and multifarious colorful bird species. In short, the serenity, the sunrise, the sunset, everything is incredible.
  • Encounter Rare Wildlife-prepare yourself for that special glimpse of elusive animals only at Dubai’s desert safari. Right from UAE’s national bird falcons to Arabian gazelle you will see them all here. If luck is on your favor, you may also come across the desert fox and Arabian oryx. Animal lovers rejoice and grab this prospect of viewing animals residing in harsh environs.
  • Quintessential Camel Ride-this ride is a superb experience in itself. The camel’s rhythmic move, the calm milieu, and that warm breeze set everything right. This quintessential element of any safari acts as a window to the Bedouin culture letting you be a part of an excursion that is absolutely genuine. Capture beautiful images for lifelong memoirs.
  • Hot Air Balloon Riding-for taking your sand adventure to elevated levels, ride high on a beautiful hot air balloon. With the commencement of the sun rays, balloons inflate, thereby opening rooms for an excursion over the sand that is out of the box. Get prepared for the expansive landscape’s peaceful and glorious vista. Experience solace and freedom and the bond between nature’s untamed splendors with the desert’s enormity. As the ride closes, savor scrumptious breakfast on the sand floor, giving this miraculous moment the decisive close.
  • Scrumptious Arabic Buffet-if you have a weakness for food, this Arabic buffet will sate your taste buds with its traditional lip-smacking vegetarian & non-vegetarian choices. Sample delicacies encompassing grilled meats, yummy desserts, healthy salads, beverages, and more. The Arabian inspired buffet is to die for. Along with doing justice to your hunger pangs it will also revive your vigor.
  • Seek Refuge Away from City Pace-as opposed to city swarm and noise, a safari promises a milieu that is quiet, thereby letting you let loose and keeping tensions at bay. Seek refuge in a calm locale for some self-discovery encircled by a blanket of nature’s splendor. If thrills are not your cup of tea, you may survey the environs by wandering off on your flip-flops. Also should you desire in experiencing sand granules under your feet, then walk barefoot only when the sun is not at its peak.
  • Retreat for Campers-the rustic camping moment cannot be missed. The very set up of shimmering light, barbeque, and Arabic entertainment says it all. Take pleasure of belly dances, henna art, sipping shisha, Tanoura shows, savoring sundowners, and Arabic attire photography in an embellished camp is worth it. Finally enjoy sweetest dreams under a dazzling night sky. This stargazing moment is truly jaw dropping.
  • Plunge into Bedouin Life-a safari expedition in the City of Gold is an intense bond to Dubai’s legacy, letting you immerse in Bedouin life’s ageless tradition. The Bedouin life is very well personified through campsites, dates & Arabic coffee given at the camp, camel rides, henna art, Tanoura show, to sumptuous Bedouin buffet, and more.

Wrapping Up

So are you enticed towards this raw beauty? Are you convinced why a safari trip in Dubai is all rage and travelers go gaga over it? Try it to deem it.  You are likely to make a retort at the earliest, guaranteed.

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