Why Is Camping Good For You?

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Getting away with the family can be something that we all look forward to. Our holiday is our handful of weeks each year when we aren’t working, and we aren’t worrying, and all we need to do is relax and enjoy ourselves. That sounds good on its own, but if you add a family camping trip to the mix, then it gets even better.

Camping is an excellent idea for so many reasons, and it can enable you to accomplish all those relaxation goals that you’ve been planning for your time away. It also means you can have a lot of fun, enjoy outdoor activities, and not have to spend a lot of money for the privilege. Here are some more great reasons why camping is actually good for you.

Breathe In The Fresh Air

Once you have set everything up and you’re ready to begin your holiday, have you ever just stood there, in the middle of nature, and taken a huge, deep breath? If you haven’t, you should the next time you go camping. If you have, you’ll understand how wonderful that is. That is pure nature, utterly unhindered by the outside world, and it feels amazing.

That deep breath signals the beginning of an incredible holiday, and the fresh air will wake you up, keep you feeling healthy, and push you onward to enjoy your holiday. Your brain will function better too. Why is this? When you are camping in the woods, you are surrounded by trees, which give off oxygen. The more trees you are around, the purer the oxygen you are breathing in, which gives you a feeling of euphoria. Not only that, but fresh air aids digestion, improves blood pressure, and boosts the immune system.

Keeping Fit

Camping is all about exercise. Not only is it hard work putting up the tent or setting up the motorhome, but once you have arrived, you will have plenty of opportunity for exercise – swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, playing sports, playing in general, and much more. You will be burning off a lot more calories than you would if you were sitting in your office at work or watching TV on the couch.

Your cardiovascular system will be activated and will start to work harder, so your heart and lungs will become healthier too. Just a few days of this kind of activity can make a big difference to your overall health. You’ll feel happier too, which will boost your immune system.

Challenge Yourself

Whether you have chosen to camp in a campground or whether you prefer the utter aloneness of the real wilderness, you will find new challenges to get over every day. New opportunities to enjoy. New activities to take part in. Every camping trip is different because every camping trip will give you more things to try and experience. You might want to learn how to do carp fishing in autumn or how to hike a rugged trail, for example.

This kind of mental and physical stimulation keeps your brain and body active and healthy. You don’t need to have an ‘intense’ camping experience where it’s you against nature in order to have these wonderful chances to try new things (although if you do want to be a bit more hardcore, do it – it’s amazing) as long as, when an opportunity presents itself, and you are capable of trying it, you say yes.

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