Why Not Visit the Comfortable Campgrounds and Incredible Vistas at Bryce Canyon

When you want to see wide open areas, then heading to Utah will see you open your eyes wider. The epic views in every direction are really something else. Used frequently in motion pictures, the scenery surely won’t disappoint but nor will the history of the area or choice of camping locations either.

How Did Bryce Canyon Get on the Map?

Bryce Canyon benefits from many amphitheaters with tall orange and white hued limestone below. The stone has been shaped over the centuries to create interesting cliff overhangs and walls that are unlike anywhere else.

The canyon has a forest at the uppermost level with aspen, fir, and pine lining it. There’s also juniper that’s common in Utah, along with pinion pine at lower levels, which can be accessed during camping.

The area received a boost when a National Forest Supervisor took up responsibility for it in 1915 and worked to make it a place for people from nearby states to visit. The Union Pacific and the Rio Grande railroads published articles in their magazines about the splendor of Bryce to spread the word and gradually more visitors came. Now Bryce Canyon is no longer a secret vacation spot.

Camping in Bryce

When it comes to Bryce Canyon camping, there are various options available depending on how much you wish to go it alone.

Ruby’s Inn Campground is a popular spot just half a mile from the Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s ideal for people who like something a little different. For instance, there’s a sleeping arrangement for camping with ten tipis available. They’re tall, colorful, and with a basic flooring. Each tipi is sized to fit up to eight campers at one time. You’ll need to bring along the usual camping gear, including an appropriately rated sleeping bag, pillow (if you need one), and probably a camping chair too.

Bryce Canyon camping also includes the option of staying in a rustic log cabin within the Ruby’s Inn location. These sleep as many as four people. They have bunk beds and a table inside. The bunk beds do not come with bedding supplied, so a sleeping bag will still be required to get that authentic camping feel. There’s electricity, a restroom, and a shower available too. 

What Other Facilities Are Available?

Staying at Ruby’s Inn Campground offers some convenient on-site facilities before venturing into the national park for the day. These include a large pool with sun loungers and hot tub access. There’s ole Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill to gratify your hunger, internet access, a laundromat, restrooms, and showers.

For the more adventurous types, there are ATV rides available to get out to see more of the spectacular scenery. Horseback rides are also offered for a more authentic feel for the Old West; there are historical photos of the Old West to get into the right mindset too. A cowboy hat is optional…

Whilst it’s possible to find other camping spots in and around Bryce Canyon, having good facilities to enjoy more luxury and relaxation is harder to achieve. By staying at a campsite that’s designed to meet campers’ needs, you will enjoy a more luxurious experience than you might expect.

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