You Are Never Too Old to Travel

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Traveling in its basic form is just getting from one place to another, but unsurprisingly it can be much more than that. One of the greatest things about it is that you are most definitely never too old to do it. The good news is that you can quite positively do it your own way.

The inevitable consequence of life is the process of aging. We are getting old and not everything is working the way it was before. Health becomes an issue and an important point of our focus. As days go by, we just have to take a closer look at a lot of things. In consequence, we find it is not that easy anymore to do what we love, at least not to the same level of intensity. It can be hard to give up hobbies.

Fortunately, traveling doesn’t need to be one of those. However, a little change in your endeavors will be required, in terms of the approach to the subject. Instead of backpacking through Europe, hitchhiking and sleeping in crowded hostels, you might want to pick other options. Presumably, the kind that works for your convenience. Above all, you would have to plan for your trips more wisely. This is how the grown-ups do it, and this way is all about preparation in advance, in order to avoid the unexpected later on. Chances are, if you feel like a grown-up, you are already aware of your needs and requirements and will keep looking for something more comfortable.

People deserve to rest at any age, but once you feel the burden of years gone by, the concept of relaxing and having fun should probably take a different form as well. Of course, the new reality does not have to mean the end to all kinds of fiestas. The good time you will be having is going to be a little different, that’s all. Instead of staying up all night long at a loud club, you will be more appreciative of a nice evening in Las Vegas where you could catch a show, have a snack, and spend a little money on the games. Visiting such a place, although it is much easier nowadays to play cards on your computer or via an app on your phone, might have already been on your bucket list anyway. Just for the sake of the experience.

Traveling like an adult is definitely more conscientious, but it does not have to be deprived of spontaneous fun. Despite even the air-tight planning, surprises will keep happening and they are not always for the worst. By all means, if ever encountering an opportunity to do something amazing, one should not think too long. Let the party lead the way sometimes, but remember it still has to agree with your own rules.

Regardless of age, visiting interesting places is always a great experience that ought to be available to everybody. It should be your privilege and your right to do it just the way you like it, even if it means some changes have to be implemented in the process.


Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

I know what it's like to go from being a crazy backpacker without a care in the world, via being a vaguely sensible parent to being an adventurer once more. In other words, evolving into a Grown-up Traveller.

Like everyone else, I love to travel, have visited a lot of countries and all that but my big thing is Africa.

I also own and run The Grown-up Travel Company as a travel designer creating personalised African itineraries for experienced adventurers

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