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Amsterdam – one of Europe’s best family destinations

As Spring slowly but surely begins to reach Europe our thoughts often turn to planning a break to enjoy the warmer weather in one of the continent’s great cities. The latest articles on Amsterdam on the GowithOh site inspired me to check out flights to the Netherlands and my wife and 12-year old daughter didn’t take [...]

How to use tech to improve travel

Image (c) Sean MacEntee Technology is, as the saying goes, everywhere. And the times have indeed a-changed. Once the preserve of corporate road warriors on the company’s dollar, laptops, tablets and smartphones seem to have become standard items on packing lists – even for backpackers. This begs the question – does technology help to improve or [...]

Christmas markets in New York for 2013

Before you go on it seems rude not to point our that here on Grown-up Travel Guide we’ve now updated our articles on the best Christmas markets for 2013 in Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg. But now it’s time for something completely different. Well, not really – but a new addition to the list this year at least. After [...]

Christmas markets in Hamburg for 2013

In case it’s passed you by, here on Grown-up Travel Guide we’ve told you all about the best Christmas markets in Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Amsterdam and Paris. We’ve got a couple more up our sleeve but for our money Germany is still the country to beat in terms of the overall Christmas market experience, but don’t just think Berlin, Munich, [...]

Christmas markets in Paris for 2013

In case it’s passed you by, here on Grown-up Travel Guide we’ve told you all about the best Christmas markets in Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome, London and Amsterdam. To be honest Paris isn’t usually the best place to be in December (in terms of the weather) but it is worth a visit to check out these great markets… Paris, France – [...]

Christmas markets in Amsterdam for 2013

Right, let’s recap: here on Grown-up Travel Guide we’ve covered the Christmas markets of Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome and most recently London. From the English capital we’re going to jump back over the Channel to funky old Amsterdam, where as you might expect there’s a mix of both old-fashioned and contemporary markets in the festive season. Amsterdam is a [...]