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10 Fun Things to Do on a Plane without Wi-Fi

So, what can you do on a plane without wi-fi?

One of the most boring things for travel enthusiasts like me are long long flights. I hate long flights, mostly because I can’t really sleep when I am on the move. It’s mainly because I am so excited that I can’t calm down my nerves.

There is an adrenaline rush coursing through my body that makes me want to jump off airplanes, especially if the plane Wi-Fi is not working. And even if it does, you know how much the in-flight entertainment system sucks. Plus it takes a lot of time to restart.

When I was good, as an immigrant, I used to travel back to my country to spend every summer with my grandparents. The most I would do on a plane as a kid was catching up on TV shows and animated movies.

I remember watching the Bee movie one a plane TV the first time before I watched it for a 100 more when I got back home. However, sometimes this is not an option because of technical issues or the entertainment selection not to my liking.

Then the best option was to sleep, which I couldn’t do. I would also get bored because I would always be the only one up, and watch everybody sleep. Sometimes, a flight attendant would give me a puzzle or something to kill time with, but how much time can I really kill with a puzzle?

Fun Things to Do on a Plane Without Wi-fi

Play Games

Now you don’t have to worry if there is no Wi-Fi on a very long flight because you can always play games. You can always download amazing game apps which can be accessed offline. They also have zero ads, which means you can easily play games without losing your mind because of stupid ads. You can also play games the old-fashioned way. Like card games, or bring pocket games like Backgammon (Magnetic) or Yahtzee. Then there are paper games like Tic Tac Toe or Hangman, or even Name, Place, Animal, Thing (a game where you have to guess these with whatever alphabet comes up). Plus puzzle books, crosswords, and word searches are also always there.

For a classic and enjoyable offline gaming experience, we recommend Solitaire Bliss. With Solitaire Bliss, you can enjoy a variety of timeless card games such as Solitaire, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Spades, and Battleship. Whether you prefer to play alone or challenge friends, Solitaire Bliss offers endless entertainment without the need for an internet connection. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to start playing today!

Creative Writing

Creative writing is another great way to kill time during long flights. They take zero efforts and get your mind running. Since everybody is sleeping and there is quiet and no distraction, writing seems like a pretty decent option to get creative and write. You don’t have to be a writer to put pen to paper.

Bring a Book or a Kindle, or download Wattpad

If you are into reading, bring a good novel or a Kindle. You can always download a book in your phone or make a collection on your Kindle so you can always read, even as you go offline. Or download Wattpad and leave some amazing fanfictions to read offline.

Learn a Language

If you are travelling to a city whose language you are not familiar with, you can download a language app like Babbel and Duolingo. This way, you can not only kill time in a fun way but also be able to connect with its locals in their language. You don’t have to learn the whole language and grammar and everything, you only have to learn the need-to-know phrases of the country you’re visiting.


It’s always good to load and download some videos, articles, or whatever content you want to enjoy on the flight. This is because even if, by luck, there is a Wi-Fi connection on your flight, it might not always be reliable or fast enough to stream movies, TV shows, and music. Therefore, it’s best to pre-load the content of your choice on your phone or tablet before boarding a plane.

Make Art

Make art. No matter what kind. Even knitting if you don’t have paper and a pen to doodle or draw. I write poems so I always come up with the best ones on a quiet flight. I have downloaded an app called canva where I compile and edit my poems for free.

If you are into photography, download photo editing apps so your photos Instagram-ready by the time you land and are able to have an internet connection. You can also always organize your photos on your computer, or even music according to the genre.

Another great option is to make a scrapbook. Just bring glue, pictures or stickers, and make travel journals for you or your kids as memories.


Since long flights tend to tire you, since you are sitting the whole time, you can spend some flight time treating the airplane aisle like your yoga studio. Don’t worry about raising a few eyebrows, some might have the courage to try themselves when they see you. You can surely loosen your muscles by trying some light stretches or a few effective poses.

Colouring for Adults

A couple of years ago I went to a book store, only to see some seriously expensive and fancy colour books. That was when I realized that adult colouring books are all the rage now, and are a serious stress-reliever. They relax and calm you down, basically better than a fidget spinner.

Listen to a Podcast

I love listening to podcasts on planes. I also love listening to the radio but I can’t really do that on the plane. Podcasts are the best options then. If you are into horror, there are some amazing scary podcasts that are likely to send a chill down your spine. Make sure you download podcast app and episodes before you board the plane.

Play with your Kids/ Keep them busy

I know this is not for everyone but kids on the plane are big stress. Therefore, as a parent and as a good neighbour, play with your kids and keep them busy.

Bonus Fun Things:



Doodle or draw

Plan your trip

Make lists of all you have to buy there

Mix up a cocktail

Take photos in and outside the plane

Edit those photos

Plan a project/ generate an idea

Chat up your neighbour

Listen to music

Look out the window

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