3 Health Factors when Travelling

Whether you want to roam around your home country or even venture further abroad, you may need to spend some time planning your travels. While many people may consider the destination they have in mind, their budget, how to get there, and even what clothes to take, it can often be easy to overlook one’s health needs. Failing to adequately keep yourself healthy could be detrimental to your trip, leading to you spending most of the venture in bed, or even further out of pocket.

Your Eyes

There are a number of ways that you can help to improve and maintain your eye health when staying away from home. From avoiding too much contact with the rays of the sun to minimizing the likelihood of getting debris in your eyes, which could lead to infection, lots of little aspects can work wonders. Even staying on top of your hydration, as explained by All About Vision, can help your eyes to function correctly, as well as reduce strain. Something as simple as wearing your prescribed glasses can also help to look after your eye health.


Depending on the country you plan to travel to, you may be required to have proof of vaccinations prior to your departure. Some of these may be in relation to Covid-19, and traveling might only be accessible to those who have had both of their vaccinations. Others require some form of shot regardless of the pandemic, to minimize the likelihood of you catching a potentially contagious or life-threatening illness which is a problem in that location. Doing a good amount of research on your destination, and speaking to a trained medical professional, can be an easy way of finding out what is required of you. If it is coming up to flu season, you may also want to think about getting an annual flu booster shot, simply to reduce the chances of catching this or suffering significantly, just before your trip.

Water Quality

Staying hydrated is a fundamental part of human life. We simply cannot exist without water. However, not all water can be viewed as equal. While you may be able to turn on the faucet and have immediate access to safe drinking water, this might not be the case in the country you plan to travel to. Checking which countries have unsafe tap water can help you to budget and plan efficiently. Not only will you want to avoid using this water for anything except washing, but that may mean a greater budget so that you can keep safe, bottled water in your accommodation at all times. Symptoms of gastrointestinal issues caused by poor quality water can involve abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, which could last for several days and even result in a trip to the emergency department.

Looking after your health could be seen as the most important aspect of traveling. In doing so, you may be able to avoid illness or injury and enjoy more of your trip.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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