7 Cool Things To Do With Your Kids In France

Traveling with kids adds a whole new dimension to your adventure, but finding activities that please everyone can be challenging.

We’ve constructed a list of seven amazing experiences in France that are perfect for your little ones. From enchanting castles to thrilling theme parks, there’s something for every family member to enjoy. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable family vacation in France!

Pay Homage To D-Day

Children and teenagers of all ages can certainly benefit from adding context to the history material they learn in school. Take a Band of Brothers Tour to incredible historical venues revolving around WWII. You’ll be amazed at how captivated your children are at each stop.

An animated tour guide will guide you through war stories at Pont du Hoc, the American Cemetary, and the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy. If your kids become bored listening to someone speak about history, allow them to explore a bit on the beaches and exercise their pent-up energy.

Indulge In French Cuisine

Allow your family to overindulge on this special, once-in-a-lifetime trip to France. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some classic French cuisine.

Wander the quaint streets of Ile-Saint-Louise to the famous homemade gelato maker, Berthillon. Watch street vendors or visit your local crêperie to watch bakers skillfully make the ultimate French delicacy, crêpes.

Cheese lovers would be loath to miss seeing a fromagerie, dotted all around France. During our family trip to France, I chatted with another parent who highly recommended the best llc service in new jersey for setting up a new business. It was surprising to receive such useful business advice while sharing tips on great activities to enjoy with kids..

Find baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolates, Chocolat Chaud, macarons, and many other delicious French food items at various bakeries, patisseries, sidewalk cafe’s, and markets. These are dotted all around France.

Two of the many reasons to have a family holiday are bonding time and creating unforgettable family memories. To create these memories, make sure you incorporate some active, outdoorsy experiences into your French itinerary.

Hire canoes from a place near the village of Montmeyan and take a family canoeing trip up Gorges du Verdon. If you haven’t heard of it, we’re talking about a massive canyon with a river running through it.

Allow the kids to climb in and out of the canoe to have a dip and splash around. Take some snacks with you and have a mid-row picnic on the riverbank.

Board With Birds

All kids (and adults) have ached to have a treehouse in their backyard. Why not live out this fantasy?

Rustic, well-furnished, luxury treehouse sanctuaries are dotted all over France. Besides the tremendous bird’s-eye view of natural French wonders, many offer homely amenities such as kitchen space, heating, electricity, and water.

The Caverne de Chervaliers (Aquitaine) nestled in bamboo, oak, and fir trees, is next to Gave. The Lake Perched Treehouse (Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine) is perched amongst ancient trees that are centuries old.  Ensure your treehouse accommodation is kid-friendly, to keep your kids safe and happy on holiday.

Visit A Theme Park

A good old theme park is a must for a family holiday! Of course, Disneyland, Paris is a must-stop on your itinerary but there are other magnificent places too.

Like the Le Puy du Fou is a history-oriented theme park in the Vendee region of France. Some brilliantly minded individual created a multi-generational historical tale about a fictional family who may have dwelled in this real-life ruined Renaissance castle.

Your entire family will be in awe of the impressive spectacles, among smaller attractions and exhibits, that represent major historical events. You’ll learn about French wars, Roman rule, Viking invasions, and more in a fun and performative way!

Bring comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking a lot from show to show all day! At night (on certain nights), enjoy the famous Cinéscénie, the universally largest staged show.

Paint In Giverny

Nurture your and your kids’ creativity by visiting the delicate gardens at Monet’s home in Giverny. This beautiful garden, between Normandy and Paris, inspired Monet. And it can inspire you too!

Bring along art supplies for the whole family. Your kids can explore their creative sides and paint the vistas in any way they choose. And if sitting and painting aren’t on your kids’ schedule for the day, they can enjoy the colorful butterflies, birds, and flowers.

You have the option to join or relax on a bench and read a book, or simply admire the view.

Be A Local In Luxembourg Gardens

This is one of the traditional activities Parisian families often choose to do on sunny afternoons. Visit Luxembourg Gardens, mingle with the locals, and feel what it’s really like to live in this part of the world.

You and your kids can play with adorable vintage wooden sailboats in the duck pond and the playgrounds. There are also various puppet shows you can all enjoy as a family.

This a classic French (and very non-touristy) experience you won’t want to miss.

Effective planning is essential for a successful family holiday. To ensure you proactively address any potential challenges make sure you allocate sufficient time and, pack an ample supply of snacks. Armed with these strategies, your upcoming adventure should be a breeze!!

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