The Best Breakfast Places in Dubai

Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture brings a world of flavours to the breakfast table. From streetside cafes to luxury hotel spreads, the city offers a dizzying array of morning meal options. This guide explores the very best breakfast experiences Dubai has to offer.

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A World of Flavours

Dubai’s diverse population has cultivated a dynamic food scene representing flavours from across the globe. The city’s breakfast offerings reflect this multicultural fabric, with cuisine from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and beyond.

The Best Breakfast Places in Dubai – Key Takeaways

Best for… Description
Local Flavors Traditional Emirati breakfasts like balaleet and foul showcase heritage. Venues like Arabian Tea House provide an authentic experience.
Global Cuisines Dubai breakfasts feature diverse international influences – French, American, Indian, etc.
Scenic Views Waterfront spots like Flow, Surf Cafe and Bungalow34 offer breakfast with a view.
Lush Retreats Escape the concrete jungle at garden cafes like Tom & Serg and The Farm.
Stylish Interiors Cafes like Brunch & Cake, Comptoir 102 and Miss Lily’s dazzle with striking decor.
Instagram Hotspots Photogenic spots like Brunch & Cake, Cassette and Miss Lily’s are primed for social media.
People Watching Lively venues like Tom & Serg and Eggspectation provide prime people-watching.
Budget Savings Affordable chains like Boston Lane and homegrown spots like Maisan 15 are friendly to your wallet.
Luxury Splurges Lavish hotel breakfasts at Cafe Belge and At.mosphere provide opulent morning dining experiences.
All-Day Breakfast Extended morning meal availability at spots like Tom & Serg, The Grey and Eggspectation.
Vegan & Vegetarian Creative vegan and veggie breakfast options are available at venues like Bounty Beets and Circle Cafe.
Hidden Gems Under-the-radar neighbourhood cafes and spots in art districts reward exploration.

Table: Key aspects related to the diversity of breakfast dining options available in Dubai.

Local Flavours

For an authentic local experience, traditional Emirati breakfast staples like balaleet (sweet vermicelli noodles) and foul medames (stewed fava beans) offer a chance to connect with heritage and culture. Venues like Arabian Tea House in historic Al Fahidi transport diners to old Dubai with traditional majlis seating and courtyard ambience. Al Fanar Restaurant also excels at showcasing local delicacies in a vibrant, welcoming setting.

Global Influences

Dubai’s expat enclaves have also shaped the breakfast landscape. Little Kerala in Karama wows with South Indian fare like idli, vada and dosas. Eggspectation and Clinton St. Baking Company bring North American flair with extensive egg dishes, pancakes, and loaded bagels.

For French flair, Bistro Des Arts charms with a casual European vibe and classics like crepes and omelettes. High-end spots like La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie take French cuisine up a notch with artful dishes and pastries straight from Paris.

Settings for Every Occasion

Beyond cuisine, Dubai’s breakfast venues range from beachfront havens to urban oases, catering to every mood and occasion.

Scenic Views

For waterfront breakfast settings, beach cafes like Flow on Jumeirah Beach Road and Surf Cafe at Sunset Mall mesmerize with sun, sand and sea.

Eateries perched along Dubai Creek and marinas like Bungalow34 and Cafe Society showcase the city’s stunning skyline vistas. High in the sky, At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa and Level Seven at the Habtoor Grand offer breakfast in the clouds.

Lush Retreats

Craving an escape from urban life? Venues enveloped in greenery like Tom & Serg in Al Quoz, The Farm in Al Barari, and Soul Green in Dubai Creek Harbour transport you to an oasis with abundant plants, sunshine and tranquillity.

Stunning Interiors

Many Dubai breakfast gems wow with striking, artistic decor. Visitors flock to the Lighthouse for its minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic and Brunch & Cake for dreamy pastels and florals.

Comptoir 102 impresses with a chic tropical conservatory, while Miss Lily’s channels Jamaican dancehall vibes. Those seeking royal grandeur can indulge at Café Belge inside the Palace Downtown Hotel.

Categories of Excellence

With so much diversity, targeting venues excelling at specific experiences helps narrow the search. Here are top breakfast spots across popular categories:

For Instagram Appeal

Dubai’s photogenic cafes turn breakfast into a photo shoot. Brunch & Cake stuns with pink neon signage and pastel hues, while earthy Tom & Serg shines amidst lush greenery. Whimsical wall murals at Cassette and Miss Lily’s colourful Caribbean flair also dazzle on the ‘gram.

For People Watching

Lively venues like Tom & SergThe Lighthouse, and Eggspectation buzz with energy and are prime spots for watching dynamic city life unfold. Beachside spots like Surf Cafe and streetside cafes in historic districts offer great people watching too.

For Budget Savings

Keep your wallet happy at affordable chains like Boston LaneCircle Cafe, and Eggspectation offering generous portions without breaking the bank. Homegrown cafes like Maisan 15 and Hatam in Karama also serve excellent budget-friendly bites in cosy community settings.

For Splurge Worthy

For special occasions or luxury cravings, lavish hotel breakfasts like Café Belge’s gold cappuccino experience justify the splurge. The iconic At.mosphere Burj Khalifa and beachfront venues like Shimmers deliver decadent dining with panache.

For Anytime All-Day Breakfast

Cafes like Tom & SergBoston LaneJones the Grocer and The Grey oblige morning cravings into the afternoon or evening with their all-day breakfast menus. Night owls can even get their morning fix around the clock at Eggspectation.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Dubai’s booming vegan dining scene brings fresh plant-based twists to classic breakfast dishes. Standouts like Bounty BeetsLife’n One and Wild & the Moon serve açai bowls, granola pots and avocado toasts bursting with fruits, nuts, seeds and creativity.

At trendy spots like Evergreen Organics and Circle Cafe, veggie takes on shakshuka, Benedicts and pancakes satisfy without sacrificing flavour or excitement. Cafes like Raw Coffee Company have perfected dairy-free lattes and flat whites to complete an animal-free morning meal.

So vegans can happily indulge in breakfast decadence, while vegetarians can take their pick from extensive meat-free menus accommodating their dietary preferences.

Hidden Breakfast Gems

Beyond popular hotspots, hidden neighbourhood cafes beckon discovery. Searching by cuisine unearths under-the-radar spots serving Vietnamese, Brazilian, Russian and other global morning foods.

Art hubs like Alserkal Avenue and industrial zones like Al Quoz hide surprising breakfast finds for the intrepid. And the city’s outer residential communities hold cosy locals-approved cafes waiting to be uncovered.

Satisfying Every Craving

Dubai’s diverse dining landscape ensures every type of breakfast lover can discover their ideal morning meal experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in heritage cuisine, appreciate varied global flavours and settings, or hunt for hidden neighbourhood treasures.

So whether your perfect morning meal is fluffy pancakes or fool medames, shakshuka or dosas, vibrant Dubai offers a breakfast wish list to satisfy foodies of all persuasions.

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