Feeling Tired? Visit These Wellness Retreat Destinations to Bounce Back Stronger

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Trying to keep up with this fast-paced world almost always leaves us feeling stressed and exhausted at the end of the day. Moreover, with the many pressures and expectations put on us by other people, it often leaves us no room to tend to our personal needs. When you continuously find yourself in situations like this, you will end up feeling overwhelmed, empty, and burned out.

In this case, while taking longer breaks or going on a shopping spree to reward yourself might do the trick, it isn’t exactly a permanent solution. This is because instead of getting to the root of your problems, you only distract yourself from them. In instances like this, going on a wellness retreat might be more beneficial, as you can get help on how to cope with your stress and other negative feelings.

Curious about where you can go and the services that entail a wellness retreat? Well, look no further. Here we have concluded some of the best wellness retreat destinations you can visit for your stronger physical and mental state!

Tea Huntress Retreat

Calling all tea lovers! Besides healing your soul through Yoga and meditation, Sarah Scarborough of Tea Huntress will also bring up your physical health through her morning tea ceremonies and workshops. As Sarah is an avid believer in nature’s power, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful scenery and feel nature’s dynamic energy flow through your body.

Located in various places around the world, you can catch Sarah’s guided retreat from Iceland to Bali and even Morocco around the year. You can also opt for the ritual + renewal package for more in-depth steps to being present in the moment and switching to your flow state. Besides the scheduled activities, you can also take private boat rides or take your Polaroid camera out for a hike to capture nature’s beauty.

Aman’s Mindful and Cultural Journey

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Famous for its luxury resorts and seamless architecture, Aman Resorts now offers a 16-day retreat around Asia from 21 September to 7 October 2022. You will start your ‘Journey’ in Aman’s very own Amanyangyun in China and make your way to their six other properties in Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka. Besides your accommodations, Aman also takes care of all your transportation needs and provides a private jet to take you around the continent.

You definitely wouldn’t want to leave your Cetaphil sunscreen behind for this trip, as you will find yourself spending a lot of time under the sun. From boat rides to safari tours and beach-side Yoga sessions, you are in for an all-in-one refreshing and soul-fulfilling trip.

The Impact’s Mindful Minimalism Retreat

If you are just getting into the minimalist lifestyle, then The Impact’s Topanga accommodation will be your very own haven. Located on a secluded peak of Santa Monica Mountain, you will get to spend four days in an award-winning minimalist house, with the Pacific Ocean and the ocean of clouds as your view.

As the company’s name suggests, this retreat will focus on bringing a positive impact on your mental and physical health. On top of mindful hikes and fireside chats, you can opt for their massage and personal discovery session. Don’t forget to bring your Xiaomi phone to take notes after your daily moments of silence and introspection.

Habitas AlUla

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Located at UNESCO Heritage Site; AlUla City, Habitas AlUla offers a wellness retreat in the middle of a desert surrounded by a canyon. Named after a star used to tell directions, its Thuraya Wellness Retreat mixes ancestral healing rituals with modern adventures. So, you can enjoy an in-house blend of essential oils for your massage session after a day of rock climbing and jumping around its signature trampoline section.

Furthermore, at Habitas AlUla, wellness goes hand in hand with personalization. When you book their wellness retreat, you will have a chance to meet an Ayurvedic Doctor and get your own prescription for holistic health.

Nayara Spring

If being surrounded by greenery helps you wind down, then this one’s for you. Located deep in Costa Rican rain forest, Nayara Spring is the exact epitome of the country’s philosophy; Pura Vida (pure life). Thanks to the well-kept surroundings, you can take a walk along its Prezoso Trail and say hi to the resident sloths sleeping away in their beloved Guarumo trees.

More than strolls through the forest and the typical morning yoga session, you can also go on all kinds of adventures at Nayara Spring. From going through a hanging bridge, kayaking, and even rafting, this place is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Simply pack your stuff and get lost in nature’s majestic wilderness.

Wild Hive’s Woman Retreat

With its mission to re-awaken our “wild” side, Wild Hive organizes events such as dance classes and an all-day driving adventure. More than that, Wild Hive’s founder, Mollie Krengel, also often rents out an entire property for an all-women group to get away from their life and heal together. One of her mandatory schedules consists of daily freewheeling dance for an hour.

As a strong believer in the power of giving back, Wild Hive’s approach to soul healing also includes philanthropic projects. One of the things they’ve done is installing water filters and stoves in Mayan women’s houses for their retreat in Guatemala.

Royal Mansour Marrakech

Besides its beautiful architecture and the magic Morocco possesses to soothe one’s soul, Royal Mansour also offers many wellness programs for different needs. Whether it is physical or mental health that you’re looking to improve, Royal Mansour got you covered. Some of their programs include weight control, rejuvenation, immunity boost, and soul balancing.

With every wellness plan, you are entitled to a consultation with a nutritionist and wellness advisor. Moreover, you can also get your body composition and scalp analyzed, along with a fully customized meal plan for your stay. At Royal Mansour, you can also learn one new sport each day, with a personal coach to guide you through the lessons.

All in all, it is definitely wise to occasionally take a break and focus on yourself. Having said that, don’t forget to take care of yourself daily by keeping a healthy lifestyle and listening to your body’s needs. Rest when you feel tired and commit to the boundaries you have set between work and your personal life.

Good luck and take care!

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