French fancies: what to visit on your trip

Should you decide to take a holiday to France this year, you may not know where to head. While there can be a lot to do in Paris, this doesn’t need to take up the entirety of your trip. Considering some of the entertainment there might make you want to spend a few days there. However, there are a number of other cities and towns which could pique your interest. This could also enable you to gain more appreciation for the French way of life when seen outside of tourist hotspots.

The delights of Paris

Although popular with holidaymakers, there may be a number of historical and cultural attractions that could make you want to spend at least part of your holiday in the French capital. When doing so, you may want to consider how to best streamline your time, so you can see as much as possible without wasting hours in lengthy queues. This is where booking in advance could come in handy. Using Louvre skip the line tickets can help you to gain entrance to the museum and see wonders such as the Mona Lisa without having to wait around. This could be ideal when travelling with young children who may not have the patience to stand around.

Head to the beach

There may be a number of regions in the south of France that, during the summer months, can be rather warm. Should you wish to get away from the cold and rain often found at home, you might want to consider allocating some of your trip to these areas. In particular, you might find it fun to indulge in some of the luxuries found in St Tropez. Not only could you relax and unwind on the beach, but you might also want to think about hiring a yacht for the day so that you can really feel like a celebrity. Wearing sun lotion can be a good idea here, particularly if you want to spend time sunbathing.

Feel like a character

While many people might go to Disneyland to get their fix of princesses and magic, there are other options. Fans of the 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie, starring Emma Watson, may be pleased to know that Belle’s little village may have been based on the small town of Conques, located in Aveyron. Featuring picturesque streets and cobblestone roads, you may feel like a princess in your own right here. This might also allow you to experience a more tranquil way of life. You may be away from many of the larger attractions, but might be able to find peace and enjoyment from perusing the stores and seeing what smaller towns have to offer.

Taking a holiday to France can allow you to visit a different country without needing to fly for a long time. You could also opt to take the train, drive, or even use a ferry to reach this country. This means that travel to France, and enjoyment within, could cater to a wide range of budgets.

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